Cousins check this out….

Captain Lorenzo P. Adley

Captain Lorenzo P. Adley

Working on the family Ancestry charts, I became so excited today, I could hardly contain myself.

But first a preview…When I was a kid, Dad, who said very little over his lifetime, took me to visit every Civil War battlefield including Gettysburg.  I wondered why he had such an obsession, because I knew three of his grandparents had immigrated from Europe around the time of the Civil War, and I didn’t think we had any involvement in the War.

Well, I’ve been digging through copious files, and now I have proof positive that one of his (and my) ancestors (in fact 5 of them, but I am still verifying records) fought for the Union in the Civil War.  His name was Lorenzo P. Adley and he was my second great grandmother’s brother (it pays to check out the distaff side!).

At age 20, Lorenzo enlisted in the Union Army 27 May 1861, serving with New Hampshire Company F.  Wounded, he mustered out and later, re-upped, and served at the battle of Bull Run in 1862 as a Sgt.

Severely wounded, Lorenzo was discharged, later accepting a promotion to Lt in December 1863 leading Co A, 22 Inf. United States Colored Troops USCT.


Apparently, not many of the family members remembered these events, except perhaps my Dad who never mentioned it.  Mostly, they were taken with Uncle Herbert’s bravery in WWI or the more recent exploits of some of the other relatives during WWII.

Ellen Nichols née Adley (Lorenzo’s sister) named her last child for her brother, but this son always referred to himself as L.B.  Lorenzo Adley survived the Civil War and served in public office in the New Hampshire birthplace of my great-grandfather (place name changed several times and it no longer exists, so no including it here). Lorenzo Adley is buried in Maine from whence the Adley family migrated to New Hampshire (they were originally Canadian).  Or he might be buried in NH.  Military says he died in Iowa, but I know that’s wrong.   Lorenzo Nichols (Ellen’s son) is buried in Green Bay Wisconsin along with many other members of the Nichols family including his older brother Herbert (my great-grand father).


18 thoughts on “Cousins check this out….

    • Lorenzo fought at Second Manassas or “Bull Run” as Dad called it. Southerners prefer the former (Biblical name). Yankees like the place name. Bull Run is the river that ends at Occoquan. US Park Service uses the Southern name.


  1. Fascinating family history, and interesting that no one mentioned it. There were (are) lots of people who just keep moving on. I wish I had asked more questions before there was no one left to ask. Still, sisters and I have ferreted out some history anyway. My own family was not vocal about their antecedents.


  2. You are having too much fun.

    I should go back in and add a birth and a death from yesterday. My cousin Tom’s granddaughter had a stillborn boy yesterday. Everyone is very sad..


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