Lazy days of summer

Grand Canal, Painting from the J Paul Getty Museum, Los Angeles

Grand Canal, Painting from the J Paul Getty Museum, Los Angeles

It took me about a half hour to upload the image above, which I copied from the Wiki article on the Grand Canal in Venice Italy.  If I didn’t hate sitting in classrooms so much, I could take a class at the Apple store and learn the proper way to use my Macbook Air.  But I suppose I prefer the hard way…trial and error until I figure it out.

Lately,  limited excursions into the world outside my home have curtailed some of my more artistic efforts, i.e. photography, so I am reduced to copying works by others for my blog.


I play with my electronic devices daily, making a strenuous effort to limit my game playing each day. Mostly I do it while I watch TV in the evening.  I’m crap at Solitaire, better at Scrabble and much better at Monopoly. During a repeat of an Endeavor episode two nights ago, I played a hard won game of Monopoly against the computer.

Monopoly was my first game as a child.  I’d rather play the computer than David, who would rather nap, and is no fun to beat.  He tried to teach me how to play chess, but I could not get my brain in gear so he gave up.

The year I received my first Monopoly game it was my only Christmas gift.  Apparently, Dad, who didn’t think celebrating Christmas in secular fashion was important anyway, had financial difficulties and there was no money for frivolities.  Mom made the best of it as she always did.

I’ve written about Santa elsewhere in the past four years, and won’t repeat myself here because its summertime, but let us say Monopoly the ultimate capitalist game reminds me of Christmas.  Besides, I ordered my Fontini sheep and shepherds this week.  Rev. Freda from ‘What’s the Story in Dalamory’ got me interested in these characters from the manger scene (link below).


PBS has aired three episodes from a new series entitled Zen.  These episodes are repeats, but the author of the Zen mysteries, another English Don, wrote 11 books before he died.  Can we hope for more episodes?  I could die waiting, so I found the books…now classics and began reading where the last televised episode left the story…..Dead Lagoon which is in Venice, Aurelio Zen’s home town.  Hence the picture above of the Grand Canal.

My son proposed to his wife Wendy on a trip to Venice.  While he was stationed in Europe, they made many trips to Italy….several to Venice.  I have a print they bought in Venice and gave me, which shows the gondolas in a canal.  Because it is a watery scene, I hang it in my bathroom upstairs.  Besides, its a little print I can view up close while I brush my teeth.

After his second tour in Cadiz, Richard had an opportunity to be stationed in Naples (home port of the US Navy’s Mediterranean fleet?), but turned it down for London.  I don’t think they regretted it their move, but London was cold and damp after winters in sunny Spain.  Now they live in sunny California… well, I imagine its sunny. I rely on others to keep me abreast of the weather out there.  Meanwhile, we’re in the 90s here according to David.  He walked the dogs earlier before the asphalt became so hot it would burn their toes. Welcome to September in Virginia.

18 thoughts on “Lazy days of summer

  1. Boy am I behind in leaving you a note. Nope, foggy and comfortable here at the beach. Simple foods. A morning playing games. Quiet today after the cacophony of yesterday. Love the comfort of this post.


  2. The Monopoly board was close at hand in my family while I was growing up. Playing the game was good basic instruction for youngsters in some basic financial matters, as well as lots of fun.


  3. Phew, you can have your temperatures all to yourselves. I wouldn’t survive.

    We had the Aurelio Zen series here on TV; only a few episodes. I don’t know whether they made more. Perhaps I’ll have a go at one of the books.


  4. I’m impressed by your persistence with the Macbook Air. My problem is that I don’t read directions; don’t go to class; and get impatient trying to figure it all out by myself. Hmmm, yet another character flaw. Anyway, kudos to you!


  5. A very pretty print Dianne. Hopefully one day I will visit Italy. I have always wanted to go. I love Zen but have not read the books yet. The first time I came across it was on the TV. I have two DVD’s but loaned them out and they have not been returned yet. Sadly I cannot even remember who borrowed them. Oh well, I am sure they will turn up one day. Thanks for the comment, and my reply is any time.


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