Saturday thoughts

IMG_0192I spoke with a friend the other day, and we got into the “if onlys…”  you know if only my father had not been so critical, if only my mother had not been so passive.  Fill in the blank.  Truth is, I am fairly content with my life, so this is old stuff.  Nevertheless, for some bizarre reason, from time to time I do this.

David finds it particularly annoying if it involves him.

I once heard a priest say that accusing yourself or another is the work of the Devil.  Apparently, one of the gospels names the Devil as “The Accuser.”

As part of my effort to improve as a person, I have made an effort to become less critical…yes, I sometimes am like my Dad.


Yard work is so much fun!  I bought a cover for our outdoor grill.  David hates it, and this morning I found it under the shed lean-to where I used to park my bike.  Once again, I quoted Ann Landers…a place for everything and everything in its place.

David picked up the cover, stiff from rain and sun and tried to put it over the grill.  He has one good arm, so he began cursing the cover.  I took one side to help him, and three fat slugs rolled out.  “Get them” I screamed.  (I hate slugs.)  What do you want me to do with them? he asked.  After an evil thought or two about where he could put them, I suggested he flush them down the toilet.


We’ve put off the Degas-Casset exhibit at the National Gallery all summer.  The exhibit has one week to go, so if we don’t catch it next week that’s it.  I’ve made up my mind that I will go with or without David who is lying prostrate on his bed at the moment after a morning of chopping down poke weed  (with my help).

Cathy has been to the exhibit with John our handyman and his wife Phoebe, but I asked her if she can make it again, and she says she will try, however she intends to walk across the Mall to check out the Whistler exhibit at the Freer first.  I am torn because the Whistler exhibit also sounds interesting.  Apparently, he created a series of sketches reminiscent of the work of the sixteenth century Dutch artists. I am nuts about Dutch art, so this exhibit is tempting me.


Kathy’s been suffering with what she thought was an inflammation of the breast bone brought on by her work (she’s a mural painter with a chronic problem).  The first time she had an episode, she grew breathless with chest pains and thought she was having a heart attack.  After many visits to emergency rooms, Kathy’s general practitioner and cardiologist, concluded the new medicine she is taking for Glaucoma caused the issue.  Kathy normally has low to normal blood pressure, and the new glaucoma medicine contains a beta-blocker.

David and I both take a beta-blocker for high blood pressure which can cause an adverse reaction in a normal person.  Kathy saw the ophthalmologist yesterday, who says surgery in both eyes is the next step to save her eye sight.

12 thoughts on “Saturday thoughts

  1. Back again as you made me laugh with your latest comment, about ‘predictors’. I think I read my post three different times and still didn’t pick up on that. Thank you for seeing it and letting me know. And by the way, I just love this Batman cartoon. I hope you don’t mind if I borrow it sometime for a post I have in mind?


  2. I’m so sorry for Kathy. What a difficult situation. It’s so hard to know how the medication we’re taking is causing side effects.

    I find myself being critical at times and have to stop myself. I’m also critical of myself and that’s hard too.


  3. So sorry to hear about Kathy’s eye problems, for an artist that would be the worst. I too hope something can be done. It has been a few months since we have been into DC. We are overdue. As for being critical of others, I am more critical with myself, too corner to corner and as I get older it seems even more so.


  4. Yes, if you are able to see both shows, it would be awfully good. They have that great Whistler room too. You are so lucky to live there and see so many wonderful museums .

    Yes, I hope the surgery works. Sometimes it does.
    Looking forward to seeing you.


  5. Interesting few days for you. I always and I mean always, hit the National Gallery every trip to DC. I sit mesmerized for hours.

    So sorry about your artist friend. My mother, who was an exquisite artist, also had to give it up due to failing eyesight. That goodness she left many beautiful pieces to remember her by.


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