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For my dog pals

For my dog pals


Recovering from anything is tedious. If you are older recovery is even more tedious. If the dog days of summer have arrived and all the television programs are repeats of repeats, and the garden you can’t attend to looks like an abandoned lot, it can be boring. Nothing to do but prop up your leg and pick up a book or two or three.

Currently, I have two mysteries on the go with bodies turning up faster than you can say “Jack Rabbit.” I won’t spoil them by discussing them here. I have a rule about refraining from comments about a book until I have actually read it.

Meanwhile, I’m casting about, looking for the next history to read. I learned how to read history with a critical eye (the profs called it “critical,” as in learning how to separate the guff from the thoughtfully constructed reputable scholarly stuff) while in my graduate program.  I want to retain this skill…which means careful section of said subject.

Although David hauled over 20 bags of books to Goodwill, I retained several hard copy books from my classes…classics like The Machiavellian Moment.. And I have many more on my Kindle. Perhaps too many. My own library. Ah well, they don’t get dusty, they don’t decompose, the parrot can’t destroy them, and I didn’t kill a forest. Someday, I will read most of them…maybe…

Truth is, I have discovered the joy of cooking.  Not the book…I own that and 30 other hard copy cook books. No this is the real joy of making something we enjoy eating.  This morning, David helped me prepare a marinade for a gluten-free “Asian” pork dish.  This is like chemistry class, he said as he fetched bottles of vinegar, soy sauce, sesame oil and other items from cupboards.  Yes, I told him, this is what makes cooking fun.

 I love puzzles, mysteries, etc.  Wondering how something will turn out is the mystery.  Assembling and organizing the items I need for a recipe is the puzzle.  I am becoming a regular Morse or Sherlock in the kitchen.  Problem is, standing and/or walking for any period of time is tiring and my “recovering” knee begins to ache.  Thus my requirement for David to act as a “runner.”

Meanwhile, I have a bag of frozen chocolate chip cookies in the freezer, along with a second pan of brownies (for David) and slices of my gluten-free, high protein, low-fat, low carb cheesecake for me.

I enter recipes in the Weight Watchers recipe builder software, so I know how many points are involved with each item. The WW recipe builder, the “gluten-free” APPs and many of my gluten-free cook-books are on my iPad, so I am spending large amounts of time each day on one device or another. Much fun!


As I mentioned above, recovery is moving slowly.  My PT for TKR is lined up through the middle of October. Nicole leaves the next week to resume life as a stay-at-home mom.  Justin returns from vacation to take over my therapy.  Justin worked with my hip-joint last fall. The good news is, after almost one year, my hip finally feels normal.

This morning, a woman at the groomers’ told me it took her sister a year to recover from joint replacement surgery.  Sounds about right.

19 thoughts on “Miscellany is Me

  1. Doesn’t sound like you have the time to get bored.
    You have a wonderful excuse to read to your heart’s content, hour after hour. I should be so lucky. Okay, perhaps not after painful TKR.

    Dogs have it made, although my dog is NOT allowed on the furniture or on a bed. She’s too big.
    She is allowed in every room though.


    • My dogs weigh five and ten pounds. Lap dogs who receive much lap time. My friend Kathy sleeps with her 80 pound dog and three HUGE cats.

      As for reading, I have been doing a lot of that. However, have to move regularly to keep the blood clots from forming. Pulling weeds helped with that.


  2. Glad to read you are recovering from your knee surgery and hope your P.T. helps you continue to progress as you heal. Think the problems I had with WordPress blog posting are now resolved.


  3. About once a month I challenge myself to make meals with only things that I have in the freezer and the pantry. I see how far I can spread it without buying anything extra. It’s fun and has produced some pretty interesting food combinations.
    Sorry that your recovery is taking so long …I have 2 friends that, just like you, found the knee surgery much harder to recover from than other types of surgeries.


  4. I wish I could come weed your flower bed for you. Then I could truly feel helpful. I do hope you mend quickly with the ability to get out and enjoy the fall weather which is just around the corner. Have fun cooking!


  5. The recovery process can be frustrating as we always want it to go faster than our bodies will let us. I still think you are doing amazingly well. Cooking has become a fun thing for us both as since Gregg retired he is honing his cooking skills. I also loved your piece about those dog rules. When we had ours I recognized many of them uttered out of my mouth and learning to eat them. It ended up with me waking up in the mornings when Gregg left the house, to find our sweet little pooch’s head on the pillow staring at me waiting for me to wake up, and once doing so, her tail would start wagging furiously. Happy memories!


  6. Work, rest, the required exercises and play, all in small instalments is the way to go during this frustrating stage. I found thinking of my much loved late granny, helped. She badly needed a hip replacement long before the surgery was available, yet she struggled on for years, never complaining and stayed cheerful. We are so fortunate today to have so much surgery to make our life easier.

    You need a mantra: I am doing well! Repeat hourly.


    • Thanks GM. Exactly the words I needed to hear. My own grandmother suffered with ALS and Diabetes at the end of her life. Terribly hard on my Aunt Marge ( the only in married girl who cared for her). Both had a strong faith that carried them through. I struggle with this every day.


  7. You are having a busy and productive recovery — getting more accomplished than many of us who are ‘well’ already. I need to get some of those apps. When we get home from our travels I will work on it . Lucky in the camper van to cook simple meals, never mind the calorie counts etc. right now. But will make up for it! I am doing a lot of stir-fries and simple stuff like breakfast for dinner and that kind of thing. Soups and beans and rice.


  8. Will they let you back into the pool yet. My hip still isn’t ok. Ah well. I don’t walk enough. You sound grand despite the knee. Me…just reading historical cook books.


    • Not back at the pool. See doc Sept 19 for all clear to drive and pool. Meanwhile taking showers. My hip finally stopped hurting, following 10 years at least of constant pain. The knee was affecting everything.


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