Keep on keeping on

Aunt Marge and me at the Basilica, 1985

At my new goal weight…Aunt Marge and me at the Basilica, 1985

Tomorrow, my PT Nicole says she will massage my leg when I see her. Good thing because I am sore today after the PT yesterday.  Plus David, Kathy and I walked a way this morning in Old Town Alexandria, eating breakfast at our favorite Italian bistro, Mancini’s and visiting the Happy Tart Patisserie afterward. I found pecan tarts for David (little pies), French Macarons (macaron parisien) for me (the non coconut variety), a little chocolate covered cheesecake and a custard and fruit tart….all gluten free.

The Macarons are strawberry filled with jam, pistachio filled with chocolate ganache, lavender and something else.  I ate two of them and the custard and fruit tart for lunch. My Weight Watchers AP lists them, so I know the “points” involved.

I dropped five pounds last week, mostly because I could not eat, but am staying on course with food after reaching my goal of losing 40 pounds.  I reset the goal to lose 20 more pounds (actually 15 now) because my doc says I should. My new goal will take me back to where I was when Aunt Marge began bugging me about losing weight. In other words, I was still overweight according to some.

While David naps, I am having my “cuppa” as Kathy calls it.


Nicole says she will place an adhesive strip of some kind over the scar across my knee and the scar tissue absorbs the chemicals in this strip, and breaks down. Sounds weird to me, but she appears to know what she’s doing.  She suggests touching base with my surgeon before my next follow-up visit, Sept. 19, and gaining permission to rejoin the aerobics group at the pool. I stopped going before I had the surgery because it was so painful to do the moves.  Now that my knobby arthritic knee is no longer, I should do well.  I need to get back to the pool for my back’s sake. The arthritis in my spine is not getting better.

I can do the pool if only I regain my energy, which seems to be increasing a day at a time. Nicole is on a gluten-free diet too, and says she will bring me a recipe for the best chocolate cake ever.  I’m no fan of cake, but wonder if chocolate is a miracle drug?


Sans pain killers, I was able to focus on reading again yesterday.  Began David Hewson mystery The Garden of Evil, set in Rome and focussed on one of Caravaggio’s paintings. I think Hewson is a professor of art history in England.

When he limped up to the cash register at Mancini’s, David got into a conversation with a fellow about visiting the Sea of Galilee for an arthritis cure.  Kathy told him Brother D could give him a vial of water from Lourdes.  David then launched into how the pain is all in your head.  Well maybe, but I could swear it affects my back too.

16 thoughts on “Keep on keeping on

  1. I’ve used those silicon strips and really believe in them. My thyroid scar is hardly noticeable. My daughter has used it on her face when she got cut over her eyebrows. She’d opened the door onto her head when she was distracted. Awful! Anyway, you hardly notice it now. I so admire your understanding of dieting. I’m going to check my weight on the scale now. I did gain when the kids were here.


  2. At your new goal weight….bravo. I am so proud of you. I lost a bit last week but still feet fat and battered. I bet you look as good now as you did them.


  3. That book about Caravaggio sounds good. I’m still trying to get a copy of The Monuments Men from my local library — I have to be patient and take my turn.

    Glad to hear your recovery is progressing nicely. And cheers to you for the weight loss!


  4. Those desserts sound divine! I can’t believe you are already out and about, walking and such. I lost 40 lbs 4 years ago and have kept it off for the most part except for 2-5 lbs that tend to creep back on if I get slack. That book sounds interesting. Thanks!


    • Quite possibly. The tech put some sterile strips across my knee to replace the staples when she removed them, and I think these May be the steri-strips. This strip is longitudinal and follows the scar from bottom to top. Also she says the scar absorbs the material which causes it (the scar) to break down. First time I have heard of this, but will check out the site. Thanks for the info. BTW my doctors and hospital follow many NHS protocols.


  5. Those desserts sound grand. And congrats on losing weight. No small feat!
    Recently, I discarded everything religious from my house, including a muslim prayer rug, holy bibles, crucifex, rosaries, and holy water. David and I had a long talk about God and religion. We decided that we are both agnostics and that there is always room for doubt. I don’t like True Believers, who believe their way is the only true way. And this includes vegans, who believe that meat lovers will die young. I have eaten meat all my life and have outlived vegans, who died of cancer.
    Ah, well, to each his own…


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