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IMG_0305The pain has abated a bit, but I am very tired.  We are up most mornings by 6:30 with our critters.  Today, my Physical Therapy appointment is at 1:30 PM, thus interfering with naps or pretend naps. Bedtime is around 9 PM, so it will be a long day.

To prepare for PT,  I took a shower this morning and used whatever energy I had. Afterward, I was barely able to make it downstairs to my easy chair.

Naps don’t work for me, never have.  I can lay on my bed for an hour or so, but nothing happens.  Sometimes I sit in my chair and fall asleep, but that’s not the same thing. David lays down, falls asleep and awakens ready to walk dogs or do whatever.  He’s been a huge help for which I am grateful.

Other than his chronic complaints about an arm that he can’t raise above his shoulder and a knee-joint than needs replacing, he seems to be in reasonable health for a fellow who will be 85 next month.  I try to ensure he is eating properly, and have banned potato chips.  David can eat a half bag of chips and call it supper.  Kathy says we have to take care of him and brings various dishes over as does his daughter Julie. I have fixed the odd meal, mostly making a mess in the kitchen.  How long before I can enjoy simple things again?  Meanwhile, David enjoys the ministering angels around here. Taking care of the caretaker is important.


This week, to celebrate our anniversary, we were going to attempt a trip to the National Gallery to see the Degas-Cassett exhibit. But we are avoiding public spaces downtown.  Tomorrow, perhaps we will drive over to Del Ray and locate Two Tarts, the “gluten-free” bakery on Mount Vernon Avenue.  I asked Kathy if she wanted to come along as I intend to get over to the Art Center where my friend Maritsa has a studio.

Actually, Maritsa may be in Florence Italy where she owns an apartment, inherited from an aunt.  She spends part of each year in Italy, but I have been away from my pool group for sometime, so I can’t remember who is where.  She tells me, some of the items taken from the apartment during WWII were recovered by the ‘Monuments Men.’

Kathy spent some time in Italy, studying art, and she is encouraging me to travel there.  Oh who knows.  I do hope to recover my energy and be able to walk a couple of miles each day at some point. Most of the Elder hostel packages include this as a condition of travel.


17 thoughts on “More thoughts…

  1. Hello Dianne
    Not sure where my comments are going – there must be several all similar floating around out there somewhere lol
    Anyway, a Dr I worked with in a previous life always said the full effect (good and bad) of surgery was felt about two weeks after the procedure. Up till then the body was working full pelt at recovering and healing. Pain was subsiding and thats when the patient would be hit with feelings of fatigue/exhaustion so rest rest and more rest was what he prescibed.
    Is that 2 mile figure as day or all in one go – as in sightseeing with no break?


  2. Just m y kind of entry….I’m tired too, but I find if I say some boring mantra from my meeting, I will fall asleep. Playing solitaire after lunch will do it too. Naps will stretch out forever without my noticing. G sets alarms. Tiredness…the more I move around, the less tired I am.


  3. Naps don’t work for me, either. My sister had both knees done, then she went and walked the Camino de Santiago in Spain. Of course, she’s crazy. But hopefully it will at least show you that there is plenty of pleasurable walking after the pain.


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