Random thoughts

A day or two ago, I went over the 1,000 posts, and four years of blogging milestones.  Occasionally, I go back and read the odd post to see if I have changed my mind, revealed some embarrassing moment I now wish obscured by time, or otherwise been less than perfect in this writing effort.

So far, I pretty much agree with what I have revealed in the past and see no reason to edit or eliminate any words or phrases. Happiness is recognizing yourself in past moments. I find I am fairly consistent in my dotage, no minor achievement.  And, like many seniors, I have also become more conservative in my ‘elder’ years.  I belong to the “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,” club.

Generally, excepting a certain former president who persists in jumping out of airplanes, seniors have not been great risk takers. The seniors who went before me knew the Great Influenza epidemic, wars, and a severe depression with its attendant shortfalls.  They were a cautious lot and we their children remember their advice about scrimping and saving, and avoiding unnecessary risks.


All this pondering leads me to wonder about a certain gathering scheduled this week in Washington DC for dignitaries from African nations afflicted by Ebola, and their entourages of 50 to 100 people each.  These people will stay in local hotels, eat in local restaurants, take local taxis, and as with most junkets, they will visit places of entertainment. Can the CDC really be certain there is no “Ebola Mary” in their midst?

According to the CDC we should all remain calm, everything is under control. They plan to test everyone twice..before they leave and when they arrive. This is the same CDC which let a deadly Anthrax virus loose in their labs in the last few months. Human error happens says the spokesperson.

Oh really, I’ve heard that before.  So why not err on the side of caution and cancel or postpone the meeting until this latest Ebola outbreak is controlled?  Why not hold the conference in Africa and save all that jet fuel?  Teleconferencing anyone?


15 thoughts on “Random thoughts

  1. We were actually going to go to East Africa spring of next year. Art might still be thinking about it. In fact, I know he is. I talked to our son who is now an international epidemiologist and was surprised to hear him agree with me that we should wait on it. I just put my foot down and told Art, “NO!”


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