Those happy golden years….

Cutting our cake 32 years ago.

Cutting our cake 32 years ago.  Son John behind us and friends from work.

Newsworthy events the past few days have included David and me celebrating 32 years of marriage, the insurance guy informing us our house was deteriorating (owing to age), and me seeing the out-patient therapist at the local hospital, as well as my surgeon for my first post-op appointment.

Not very exciting news I suppose, although I began crying when the doctor’s assistant removed the 26 staples from my knee. She proceeded to pull a dozen tissues from the box she had at hand, informing me that I was not the only one to blubber.  I responded with, I’m not going to cry that much, and I began crying again.

Although every other medical person, and my granddaughter Joy (who read about the issue in a class on anatomy) has told me the worst thing one must cope with concerning the TKR surgery is  PAIN, I had been brave relying on the natural endorphins my body produces to help me deal with the pain.

The doctor asked what I was taking for pain, and I told him nothing.  I told him I stopped taking Hydrocodon because it caused constipation and terrible acid reflux (I take two drugs for acid reflux) as well as nausea,  and (once more) opioids make me sick, sick, sick.

He then offered another prescription for an opioid derivative (Nucynta), although  I asked him if it was an opioid (he never responded).  David retrieved it from the drugstore yesterday.  Of course, I read the warnings that accompany the drug, as well as material online informing me it was an opioid and had all sorts of terrible side-effects.

So, I am suffering, perhaps more than I need too, but I have a terrible aversion to opioids and know from experience they only produce more pain and suffering when you try to get off them.


The good news from my new physical therapist Nicole, is that I am very nearly there in terms of knee flexibility.  My bend is 117 degrees (120 is the goal).  And I am 5 degrees from being able to lay my leg completely flat.  She put me on the stairs and I went up and down them using alternative feet and turning and raising my arms like Rocky (and banging them on the low ceiling) when I reached the top step. I should have no trouble ascending the stairs at the National Gallery next week.

Balance remains an issue, and Nicole wants me to do certain exercises with my eyes closed.  I can’t do them without holding onto something, however. Nicole will work with me until the end of August when she quits to stay home with her new baby, and Justin takes over as my PT until early October. Justin was my therapist with my hip.

I hope to complete therapy before my trip to San Diego in late October.  My DIL asked if I would be able to go “Trick or Treating” with the boys.  I told her yes, if I can walk. El Dia de la Muerta is a big deal in SD.


As far as anniversaries go, I am happy to have had 32 years with David.  I found him when I turned 40, and he’s the best thing that ever happened to me. I tell my granddaughters to be patient.  Sometimes you don’t find your true love right away. Sometimes you have to travel round the block a few times.

31 thoughts on “Those happy golden years….

  1. Happy Belated to both of you! Meant to say on my first comment today, don’t overdo and relapse now that you’re in recovery mode — just do the PT that you are supposed to do and try to take it easy and rest. I will read the earlier posts I missed, but refrain from commenting any more so as not to drive you crazy. Someday I will get back to normality, but now is not the time.


  2. Look at that grumpy guy in the photo with the beautiful woman. LOL Yes, I have had thirty one years with a really nice guy. I’m so much older than G, I worry. It doesn’t do any good to worry, but I do. Bravo to the two of you.

    Yes, you do sound as if you are doing great with both the knee and the hip. My balance came back after some water work, and I too have the same problems as you with opiates. Tylenol and Aleve are my addictive pain pills of choice….when I absolutely need them. Two weeks from now I do the general physical thing and want hand a referral as well as eyes etc. You are doing great,.


  3. You are doing so well Dianne – seems like your weight health and marriage are all under control. I tend to think its your ‘try as hard as I can ‘ attitude that’s helped in all those departments.
    We are up to 52 yrs but didn’t have the two false starts that you did – remember the old saying about plenty of life left in the old dog yet. I’m sure there’s many a year ahead for you and David!


  4. Glad you’re doing well; but you’re makin’ me nervous. I can bend my bad knee just over 90 degrees, and my good one maybe 110. So … you’re doing a lot better than I am. You don’t use Aleve (which I think is great if you can tolerate it), or Advil or aspirin?


  5. Happy Anniversary…. I have GI issues with pain meds as well and I suffer more than I probably have to. After the mastectomy I insisted on something for nausea and took a half dose of the pain med…. Not ideal, but took the edge off..


    • If I get desperate for relief, I might try a half pill. The recommended dose is 1-2 every four hours. You poor thing. A mastectomy must be awful. Which reminds me…I have to schedule my mammogram! Darn it.


  6. That is wise advise to your granddaughters. One of my cousins found her true love at the same age as you did. Happy Anniversary by the way. I think you are one very brave lady fighting through all the pain without the pain killers. Those side-effects can be scary. Every time I see meds advertised on the advertisements with their dire consequences, I wonder if they are worth it.


  7. Wonderful anniversary, I wish you many more. My sister just had the same surgery and my heart goes out to you, it’s work, determination, and pain to get it right again. She too is taking zero drugs for the same reasons as you. You are doing good work on your recovery.


  8. You’re doing awesome with the knee Dianne (pain notwithstanding)! Perhaps a 10K race is in your future at this rate….n’est ce pas? And congratulations on the anniversary.


  9. You are fortunate you found true love. Many do not. Your wedding photo is very beautiful.
    As for your knee pain, I agree that pain killers can be addictive. I give you credit for persevering.


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