IMG_0450Day 14 and the word is slowly, slowly.  Hydrocodon may be the mildest opiate out there, but it’s done a job on my guts and today, I am quitting for good.  I am so sick of prunes, I could scream.  But prunes work, trust me.  Excluding weariness, constipation is the last barrier.  The knee is healing, PT is going well, and I have beat the catheter introduced UTI.  My BP is good this AM.  When my brain finally clears from the opiate caused confusion, I might even pick up a book again.  What a drag age-related illness and its supposed remedies can be.

I could complain. And, I guess I am, but all I have to do is look around me and see that others are having a more difficult time. Many others.  But, I am not cheered by another’s pain.  Thanks to friends in my “real” and “virtual worlds, I am better.  Caring and compassionate friends and family. So thanks to you who read my blog and have continued to offer words of encouragement.


Yesterday, no sooner had I complained about Mr. Obama’s handling of Putin, than he announced his intention to introduce the economic sanctions suggested by Eric Bolling, of FOX Business News (FBN), and kicked around FOX for weeks, if not months.  And Europe seems to be waking up to the evil on their doorstep too.  Good news all around.  Now if they just follow through.image001

26 thoughts on “Recovery

  1. It seems a long time while recuperating – time goes by so slowly – but seems like you are doing well and making great progress. Glad to hear it!


  2. There’s nothing like a stay in the hospital to make you realize “that others are having a more difficult time” than you are. But then, you are obviously a tough old hombre; it evidently takes more than a knee to keep you down. Anyways … glad things are going well, and keep up the good work!


  3. Just wonderful to see you here and cranky. Glad the pt is moving along. So sorry about the cathater. We have a lot to talk about when you get here.


  4. So glad you are on the mend Dianne, you are doing brilliantly! Taking notes of all the good things you’ve been doing, I continue to be impressed and wish you speedy and continued healing.


  5. Good to know you’re on the mend. I don’t pay much attention to either of the two biased “news” providers, Fox or MSNBC, but think in the recent sanctions situation it was wise to wait until our European allies came on board before adding new measures.


  6. Glad you will be able to get off the pain killers. I love prunes, however they do nothing for me in the poop department. I have only been constipated 2x in life and it took massive amounts of water and warm prune juice (yuck) to get me back on tract. Why is it that prunes can taste so wonderful but prune juice is just so nasty.


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