Aint necessarily so….

Joy with one of her cattle.

Joy with one of her cattle.

Lately, I have been attempting to follow the Zen items I listed a few days ago. The most difficult challenge for me is doing one thing at a time. I am the queen of multitasking.  As every cook knows, to get all the items of food ready at the same time for any given meal, one must multitask.  I am sure this Zen list, copied from Facebook, was written by a man.  If a woman wrote it, she must have counted meal preparation and child minding as individual tasks allowing for phone answering, and other extraneous activities, that “didn’t count.”.

The caveat does not negate the list, however.  Sitting is important.  Most women I know did not sit very much in their younger years, making up for it as they grow older. After she turned 50, my Mom could sit, crochet, smoke a cigarette, drink a cup of coffee, watch the Phil Donahue show every day, and still manage to get three meals a day on the table for my Dad.  Even after they lost their house and lived in a rental apartment, she kept a vegetable plot out in the country just as her female ancestors had done since the beginning of time.

When I look at the items Mom crocheted in her “spare” time, I am amazed…doilies, placemats, and other furrfu items I seldom use and will never make, but love very much.  I thought Mom was unique until I married David and he brought a drawer full of lacy items, inherited from his Mom, with him.  Some items were the same pattern as those Mom made.  His Mom was also a cigarette-smoking, coffee drinking crocheter who watched Phil Donahue. And, David’s Dad came home for lunch every day just as my Dad often did.


Two more days until my surgery.  Both daughters have checked in with us, but no sons. I tell a lie, my youngest son did call. He said it was to see if his new phone worked. He reads my blog so he knows what’s happening.

 A son is a son til he takes a wife, but a daughter is a daughter the rest of her life.  

 Or so they say.  It ain’t necessarily so, however.   I know plenty of DILs who look after their spouse’s mom.  Including my daughter.  And my SIL took care of David’s Mom when she was dying of lung cancer.

The next two days are extremely busy, me multitasking again.  I am getting my hair done for one thing.  Not looking scruffy in the operating room.  Also have my blood draw and typing as well as a trip to the vet with Arabella for her every 6-weeks beak and nail trim on the’to-do’ agenda.  I figure I will be busy with other things like therapy afterwards.

I consulted with my daughter, and should you be interested in how things are progressing as I fight the good fight and blog again, you can check her out at Bella Rose below in my links. She should know something by late Thursday afternoon.  And thanks to everyone who has wished me well.  As of Thursay, I will be doing one thing…getting better.. and I intend to do it well.

8 thoughts on “Aint necessarily so….

  1. Here’s hoping that your surgery will be a flawless and quick procedure with super fast healing!

    When I think back to the hard life of my grandmother, it amazes me. To think she scrubbed clothes and floors by hand, grew a large garden, fed her family of seven 3 squares a day, etc. etc. I am truly humbled. Life is so much easier now…in those respects anyway.


    • My Mom scrubbed our clothes on a washboard in the bathtub (my sister and me). When my brother was born five years later, Dad finally got an old washer with a wringer. We had water from a well for many years The electricity to draw the water from the well came from a windmill. They have lots of wind in the Midwest. Mom maintained a large vegetable garden, a cow and chickens. She only had three kids, but we were enough. She died in her fifties.


  2. I will be thinking of you and wishing you a speedy recovery Dianne, and look forward to hearing from you when you feel like blogging again. You have a great attitude! I will be checking in with Bella Rose. My Mum was kind of like your Mom and David’s Mom, though there was no Phil Donahue show. I am not sure there was a day time TV back then in the UK, could be wrong but I don’t seem to remember the TV being on during the day. Now nighttime was another story. Loved that photo!


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