Green Light

Lately…or maybe it has been happening for some time and I only noticed it lately…Wordpress has been posting a “Word of the Day.”  Today’s word is irascible, I think. It appeared briefly then disappeared.

One thing for certain, the term does not fit me.  I am in a fine temper.  My daughter texted me yesterday to ask what the GP said about my upcoming surgery.  I told her it’s all systems go.  My anemia has disappeared, the iron and potassium levels are okay, so we can proceed.  This gluten-free diet must be helping.  That and taking iron and potassium pills and glasses of Metamucil in light Hawaiian Punch.  My body is now absorbing iron again.  Hooray!  To celebrate, I baked Brownies.  Now everyone knows Brownies contain iron..Right?  If not they should.

Gluten free Brownies. Mix from Bob's Red Mill.

Gluten free Brownies. Mix from Bob’s Red Mill.


At my age, I have learned or should have learned that every problem has a solution, and if I get into a wad, I should sleep on it.  The solution will appear.  And it happened this week.

I noticed the bricks on our house front, are losing their mortar.  If you touch the mortar it crumbles. The earthquake a year or so ago didn’t help this old house, either, but this is shoddy concrete…too much sand not enough cement. Lasted years, but now is disappearing.  Immediately, I flipped into despair.  Lying in bed at night, and staring at the crack in my bedroom wall, I imagined the whole wall crumbling away into a big pile.

The last thing you need when you are old and tired and on a fixed income is a major house repair.  At first I ignored it.  Then I said, to heck with it, if the bricks fall off the house, too bad. If the wall falls with it I just hope it doesn’t fall on one of us.  The value of this house is in the land under the house.  I told myself, I didn’t care.

This morning, I had a great realization.  We have house insurance. And we have it through AARP.  When the old copper pipes burst their seams, Allstate Insurance company covered the pipe repair and ruined ceilings.  Of course they cancelled the third time a leak occurred.  But not before they dropped the earthquake insurance we had paid for twenty years…just before the earthquake hit. So we got a new policy. A policy for old people, with old houses, and hopefully some young people too. Now we will discover if this insurance company is any better.

Our handyman John is coming by again today to install another grab bar.  David has finally admitted they are useful.  If he ‘s in the shower and the house starts to crumble he can grab one of the bars.



27 thoughts on “Green Light

  1. Good to learn of your health progress. Think the Zen items are splendid; I’m going to make an attempt to adopt them.


  2. That Zen list is wonderful. I was just sitting here thinking some of these things. Well, not sitting, but running around getting chores when I realized these moments with my grandchildren will never come again. Our granddaughter has grown so fast and no longer needs certain items we have for her when she was a little one. These days will be gone, just a memory, so I better enjoy each one, moment by moment.


  3. Glad your body is adapting so well. Yup, grab bars are wonderful things. We have them everywhere. Yup, we have the condo folks for the outside and AAA for the inside. I’m off to work.


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