Time flies when you are having fun.

When the preop nurse called yesterday to work up my medical history (which, I discovered later, she already had at hand), she asked how often I took exercise.  Every day, I responded.

Weight watchers counts housework as exercise, and so do I.  When I discovered that some forms of housework gave me as many “points” as water aerobics in the pool, I decided to take another look at the $40 per month I pay for my gym membership.

I read this week in one of my many magazines or books on health and nutrition that only 20 percent of weight loss (or gain) is associated with exercise and eighty (80) percent with what I eat. This morning, having finally cracked the code and discovered an almost fool-proof-way to make tasty high-protein bread, I have started another loaf.  I say almost fool-proof, because I am prone to leave something out from time to time. (My great fear is missing the bake pan altogether and pouring the sloppy mixture directly on the heating element.)


I am especially diverted if the neighbor kid knocks on my door with a huge box, accidentally delivered next door.  I open the box to discover turmoil: two broken bags of bird seed, 12 boxes of gluten-free flour, new plastic containers the worse for wear, having spent the trip rubbing against the new metal pan, disarray, complete disarray.  Amazon must have hired seasonal help to work in the warehouse again. The result was me working up a sweat cleaning up the mess.

Yesterday, my new kitchen stool arrived.  David assembled it only to discover two missing legs. This morning, he shipped the incomplete item back to the dealer (Gold Violin).  Hopefully the replacement stool won’t have six legs. (He tried to find the stool at Home Depot before he resorted to the mail order company.)

Years ago, a mail-order bird-cage arrived missing a part.  I called the dealer, who had just started a small company in his garage, and he drove all the way from Baltimore to replace the missing piece.  Amazing service, but that was then.


Having elected to skip the preop joint class, I called the joint coordinator about my post op precautions and other matters that affect my recovery.  I also established a post-op physical therapy schedule for August and began my pre-op exercises. I have moved my other medical appointments to September, and very nearly completed all the forms, paperwork, interviews, etc. for this upcoming surgery. Now if only my general practitioner signs off on the surgery tomorrow I will be ready to undergo the knife next week.

John came over yesterday and finished some of the repair work he began in June, including re-cementing the shower tiles. He will install another grab bar in the shower next week.  I had the raised toilets and grab bars installed in every bathroom when David had his hip replacement surgery.  We have kept other items to assist in recovery, such as the walker I used with previous surgeries, the rollator, reacher, and shower stool.

My SIL installed a railing outside the door, to assist one climbing the outside stairs.  Kathy says she will walk the dogs to help out.  She tells me, Crissy, the dietician up the street has been helping Sue F. with her diet designed to reduce joint inflammation.  Last week, John installed grab bars for Sue F.

Kathy says she got Brother Dunston to place my name on the prayer list at the Monastery.  I told the pre-op nurse who took my medical details to have an RC priest at the ready if necessary.  It sure helped my recovery from hip replacement surgery last year.



24 thoughts on “Time flies when you are having fun.

  1. Sounds like you’re ready to go. As ready as anyone could possibly be for what you’ve got waiting for you. Sending good thoughts — your attitude will get you through it all with flying colors I’m sure (that and the fact that your prep work included finding a good surgeon!).

    Glad you’ve got the bread thing figured out (as long as you hit the pan ..that made me smile!). My greatest cooking fear involves the fact that both our (tiny) homes have combination microwave-convection ovens instead of a regular oven and a microwave. I am always afraid that I’ll get distracted and forget I’m using the convection and grab a pan out with just a paper towel, the way you can when you reheat something in the microwave. I’d hate to end up in the emergency ward for that.


  2. And to think … B wastes her time exercising to a Leslie Sansone tape in the morning, when she could be doing aerobic vacuuming! Say, does fixing things in the bathroom also count as exercise?


    • Join Weight Watchers. You will be surprised what counts as exercise. The point is to get moving to stir up your blood. The aerobic stuff is okay, but walking for twenty minutes three times a week is better. And yes dog walking counts.


  3. Hope surgery goes well and recovery will be as quick and as comfortable as possible. No complications! And keep us posted on how the new diet/ food choices are working.


  4. Ooohhh, I get so annoyed when I have to return something to the store, much less by mail. A few months ago I ordered a Paperwhite antenna from Amazon and they sent everything BUT the antenna. Kind of the most important part. They are good about correcting a mistake though.

    Sounds like you are well-prepared for the surgery. I really hope it all goes as smoothly and painlessly as possible!


  5. Sounds like you are well prepared on what to expect. You’re good attitude should stand you in good stead…….take copious notes…..I’m looking at this procedure in the next year or two.


  6. I am sorry to hear that your kitchen chair is missing a leg. How aggravating! But, how nice of your hubby to attempt to put it together, dismantle it, and mail it back. My hubby would do the same. Nice to have a hubby, huh?

    Good luck with your pre-op and post-op and, of course, the op, itself.


  7. That’s a lot of things going on at once. You sound pretty organized, keeping you in my prayers for a good results and a speedy recovery.


  8. I’m sorry to hear you need to have surgery but I hope that everything goes through well tomorrow and you can get on with your op next week and onto the recovery.

    I’ve not been keeping up too well. Is it to do with your bowel or your arthritis? Did you finally find out what was wrong?

    I have arthritis as well. And on a more positive note I have also taken, lately, to baking a lot of bread. We do have rather a lot in common!!

    Wishing you the very best for tomorrow and of course next week. I will be thinking of you from across the pond.


    • Thanks Sarah! this is my arthritic knee. All the more conservative therapies have failed. Total joint replacement is the last option. The gut issue is not resolved. I had to postpone the next test until fall. I just hope my anemia is better. Blood typing next week for possible transfusion.


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