All-American Dessert

Apple Pan Dowdy (Gluten Free)

Apple Pan Dowdy (Gluten Free)

Facing surgery in two weeks, I’m busy preparing food for my recovery period.  Dishes I can freeze, soups mostly.  David ordered a new comfy kitchen chair that should arrive soon. With that chair, I can sit while I work.  Currently, I stand or sit at the kitchen table while preparing this dish or that.

Standing is the worst, but sometimes, when you have a dish like a pudding that requires constant stirring at the stove, needs must.  We have chairs in the kitchen, horrible bar stools.  But, I wanted a padded seat.

This morning I made what my Gluten-free cookbook calls an Apple Crisp and I think of as Apple Pan Dowdy.

Shoo-fly pie is a molasses pie.  David likes it best when its loaded with pecans.  Apple Pan Dowdy is a pie plate of cinnamon-sugared apples covered with a sweet thick (Gluten Free) crust.  Today I made the latter.  At nine points a piece, I will have only one piece, David will eat the rest.  I worked off some of the points this morning in my garden beds and the rest preparing the Apple Pan Dowdy.

As you can see from the slightly out of focus photo, we have already eaten some with vanilla (low-fat) ice cream.  An All-American dessert for the Fourth of July.

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