Crystal ball gazing


A wolf enjoys the sun.

A wolf enjoys the sun.

After we dismantled Baby the Senegal’s cage and hauled it outside this morning so I could wash it down before the 90 degree heat hits later today, I came inside a bit tired and wet, reassembled the clean cage, and began preparing the mixes for my fourth attempt at baking a Gluten free loaf of bread that tastes good, is digestible and does not crumble when you try to slice it the next day. So far I have failed two times with my bread-maker, and succeeded once with a prepared package of ingredients to which I added liquids and baked in an oven.  

As most of my dear readers are probably tired of hearing about my failed attempts to recapture my youth via reviving cooking skills I had when I was in my teens and twenties, I will spare you further bread updates until I either succeed or give up.  Tomorrow, or Wednesday, I will begin the process of making bread dough by hand.  In the interim, if I can knock a loaf together in the bread maker, we can use that for meals, etc.                                                               


David says I am sending him telepathic thoughts at three AM.  One of us unintentionally wakes the other one almost every night.  I tell him this happens  so we can worry about something or someone together.  I can go through a whole litany of “what-ifs” in 20 minutes, enough to keep me awake the rest of the night. David worries too.  It does neither of us any good. In the cool light of day, the demons recede into nothingness. 

My Mom used to wake up at the same time of the morning and worry.  When she stayed with me after I was married with children, I could see her light shining under the door when I passed by it on my way to the toilet.  One night I poked my head in and asked if she was okay.  She had a rosary in her left hand and a cigarette in the right.  Choking on the fumes, I told her, “You shouldn’t smoke in bed.”

I don’t believe in the God of Retribution your father does, she said. She died less than a year later.  Of course, I know now she was thinking about death and what if anything comes afterwards. Mom was prescient if nothing else.

My daughter, a very creative person, has the same kind of advanced intuition or ESP or whatever it is. My granddaughter says she has it too.  I don’t think I have much foreknowledge.  My analytical mind searches for logical possibilities. Aim high in steering, David says.  I’m a rules person, the kind of person who can see an accident waiting to happen.  I would have made a good safety officer. I get really annoyed when others can’t see that many accidents and/or wrong turns can be prevented. What about you?       

22 thoughts on “Crystal ball gazing

  1. Mostly I sleep solidly. On occasions when I don’t, I take kindle to LR, and read til I fall asleep on sofa at about 3 or 4 a.m.


  2. I have good intuition about people and am am good at reading body language, so pick up on how a person feels faster than many. I tend to be the worrier in my family and it will keep me up at night if there’s anything that’s on my mind. As for bread making, I was doing pretty well up until about a week before we left on vacation, and then for several loaves I had some real disasters. I’m about ready to start again so I am keeping my fingers crossed.


      • Moderation is the only advice I would give 🙂 I am leaning towards trying gluten-free ingredients so perhaps we can help each other with tips, smiling here.


  3. What about me? I can’t bake bread either. I do not worry much … B does that for me. And the only time I have any foreknowledge is when I’m sitting in front of my dinner plate and think — I’m going to overeat!


  4. Bill wakes me up at three. That’s when his alarm clock rings. Now I know why I can’t get him to set it for a later time….. he’d prefer to work rather than deal with the demons.


  5. Me too – safety officer. Bell Canada drilled the health and safety stuff into my noggin but good.

    Hubby, not 30 seconds ago came up from downstairs with an electric saw that he modified. “Are you sure it’s safe? Prove it to me, that it’s safe.” He rolled his eyes.

    I just wish that I could remember that the demons recede in the light of day when I am struggling with them at 3 in the morning. Had a bout myself, last night.


  6. I am the same way! Often, I wake up at 3AM and resort to prayer. God probably needed my attention which he can’t get during waking hours. My daughter said 3AM is the “witching hour”…oh, I didn’t like to hear that! Good luck with the bread!


  7. Usually I just let things happen. What happens with the bread mix in the machine? I can see the mistakes but stay out of it. My middle granddaughter is bitching about not having a car? It’s cause she drove while drunk. LOL It’s endless. If they want me, I am here.


  8. I can always see the mistakes others are making in their life, and I wonder if they too are pondering my life the same way! then there are those whose life is being lived so well and they are doing so well, or so it looks to the outside world, but when you get alone with them, they tell you how badly they feel about their decisions. That may be more like me. My life, though not perfect, has sure been a good one. We have a saying around here, “God has brought us this far, He’s not about to let us down now.”


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