Scatological Thoughts

IMG_0425The WordPress word of the day is plaint.  No plaints around here, however.  Although our house and our bodies as well as the bodies of the dogs appear to be in a competition to see who or what can fall apart first, when one of our kids calls we tell them we’re all fine.

True, we spent over $400 this week on vet bills, both dogs brought low after eating what smelled like a rotten chili pepper a bird, squirrel or another animal dragged in the yard from someone’s garbage.  Undoubtedly, the capsaicin deterred the original scavenger from finishing what he started, but, dogs are dumb when it comes to food.


Oh what to do?  Dr Herman told me I would not have to fast if I did the video capsule camera thingy for my small intestine.  Now, I have received a letter with instructions reminiscent of the one I received for the colonoscopy and endoscopy. You know with words like “clear liquid diet,” and “Magnesium Citrate.”  Yuk!

If Dr Lessin was not pushing me to find the cause of the iron deficiency that shows up on my blood tests, (one of two causes, i.e. internal bleeding or malabsorption of nutrients), I would chuck the whole thing.  But, as my GP, Doc L has the final approval of the knee replacement surgery.  Darn. I am scheduled for the video camera capsule procedure July 11. The results won’t be back for several weeks. I can see this surgery being postponed yet again. I hope not, but I am realistic.


My first loaf of bread.

My first loaf of bread. Not bad for a beginner.

There is no cure for Celiac Disease, at least not one the Pharmacos can address. As a result, very few dollars pay for research in this area.  However, CD is real, affecting many children.  And CD is never cured, only addressed through a gluten-free diet.  Thus my recent efforts to find ways to prepare gluten-free foods.

Yesterday, I baked my very first loaf of bread EVER, and this first loaf is gluten-free.

I am experimenting with various recipes, and this particular effort is the result of a mix. Below the remains after we each had a few warm slices of the bread slathered in butter.  The leftovers will also go to good use as French toast, bread pudding, or something else.IMG_0427

15 thoughts on “Scatological Thoughts

  1. You are looking wonderful as is the bread. So thin too. Not the bread. Yes, do the camera, tell the doc knee comes before everything, and get David to come along to California on the train.


  2. You are the first person that I’ve found that knows about (and will have) the Capsule Camera Endoscopy. I had one last July. My gastroenterologist was concentrating on my small intestine and this was the best way, in his estimation. I was lucky in the fact that he viewed the films himself the day after I had the procedure and was able to let me know the results in less than 48 hours. Good luck with it …I would imagine you’d be put to sleep as I was and it was easy.


    • I had the Endoscopy and Colonoscopy a week or so ago. This procedure is the camera capsule solo. Passes through the stomach (again) and small intestine. I swallow the capsule and wear a device taped to my abdomen which records all the thousands of photos. Device is removed after eight hours and sent on. I am told it takes two weeks to analyze the results.

      They are looking for damaged villi and/or bleeding.


    • It is/was delicious. Fibrous and with protein too. Two of the ingredients are ground beans. Top would not be so dark except I forgot to cover it with foil about 10 minutes into baking (as suggested by the recipe).


  3. Wow, that bread is terrific! Congrats! I have a bread machine that I have not used in a while. I like your ideas for using the leftover bread. French toast and bread pudding would be excellent meals. Go for it!


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