Cows again and other stuff

Selfie by Joy: Mucking out the Cow barn

Selfie by Joy: Mucking out the Cow barn with Jerseys and German Holstein dairy cattle.

For anyone who wondered what Granddaughter Joy was doing this summer (after her trip West with Mom to visit Uncle Richard and his family), the answer lies above and below.  She found gainful employment on an organic dairy farm in Rural Virginia. Joy turned 21 in June, and one of her bovine buddies gave her a big smack on the cheek.

Happy Birthday to Joy!

Happy Birthday to Joy! her favorite Jersey


Meanwhile, I am processing oodles of paperwork, preparing for my upcoming knee replacement surgery, scheduled July 17, and lining up the last of my gut checks, the one where I swallow the camera to check out my small intestine. The endoscopy produced one benign polyp in my stomach, the colonoscopy showed another benign growth in my bowel.  Whether the docs confirm the Celiac or not, i have read enough to convince me that I have a gluten intolerance.

Returning from the doctor’s office Monday, in a rash moment, I asked David to pull into a McDonald drive-in and order a quarter pounder deluxe for me.  I ate about half of it, feeding the rest to hungry David.  I was sick afterward and the next day, he was not.  It wasn’t the ‘fix ins’ it was the wheat bun. Thus endeth the lesson.


Meanwhile, I have begun using my gluten-free cookbooks.  You saw a photo of my coffee cake a few days ago.  David’s last word to me today as he headed out to the grocery store, was, don’t throw that last piece away.  He really liked it. Today, I am making a brisket roast using a gluten-free recipe.  Hopefully he will like it as much.

My new Zojirushi bread maker arrived today.  After I log off, I will play the instructional DVD.  Tomorrow, I plan to bake a one-pound loaf of  bread. (I bought the small apartment sized device.)  I have the Zojirushi rice maker and love it to bits.  David is crazy about rice.

I also bought The Gluten free Asian Kitchen cookbook. Gluten lurks in Asian foods, or did, however, I notice many companies, like San-J, La Choi, and Kikkoman are making gluten-free items.  I am using my Gluten Free APP  to determine which items are gluten-free, and which not.

The good new is that I am within 4 pounds of my goal weight on the WW plan.  Just in time for surgery.

I learned how to make many Asian dishes when I lived in Hawaii, but have had to coax David to learn how to enjoy the foods that became a part of my cooking repertoire.  I love Asian foods.

 Of course, it is sometimes less expensive to make your own GF foods.  Thus I have looked for and discovered the Gluten Free on a Shoestring cook books by Nicole Hunn.


21 thoughts on “Cows again and other stuff

  1. WOW….so sorry about the horrible results of the experiment. Just wheat toast without the fixims would be fractionally more of an empirical test. 🙂 Glad David is enjoying your cooking. Sounds like life is inching into balance. 4 pounds. So bravo.


    • Today, I am experimenting with baking gluten-free bread. Actually, the 1/4pounder was not an experiment, it was a quick lunch. Which goes to show…don’t leave home hungry or you might do something you regret later.


      • Well, I’m actually off that quasi-vegan diet, but it inspired me nonetheless. I lost a total of 20 pounds and have successfully kept it off. I’d like to lose 5 more but those are going to come very slowly if at all. I’m 6′ 4″ tall and weigh 197, but the charts all say optimum for my height is 190. Good luck with that at my age.


  2. I really admire your dedication ‘to the cause’. You’ll beat this ‘disease?’ before it makes you sicker than you are.
    Lol at Maggies comment – pity ‘selfies’ weren’t around when I was working with the gastroenterologist’s patients 20 years ago. We could have had a lot of fun and relieved a lot of stress with that idea 🙂


      • All those years ago people here would die of embarrassment if they had to reveal they’d been to see ‘that sort of specialist’ – far cry from today when any man and his dog seems to ask their local GP for a referral. Doesn’t work on a demand system – you do have to show some symptoms before getting the referral


  3. That picture of your granddaughter — “Happy Birthday to Joy! her favorite Jersey” — so reminds me of my own daughter, a vet, who also loves to mug with whatever animal comes her way.


  4. McDonalds food made me sick years ago. I haven’t eaten anything from McDonalds in over 20 years and not missed it one little bit. I can eat In n Out Burger though, in desperation. I am just so leery of eating meat from places I don’t know.


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