Smorgasbord Sunday

My Gluten Free Coffee Cake, before it collapsed.  David says it tastes great!  My very own guinea pig, He's such a good sport.

My Gluten Free Coffee Cake, before it collapsed. David says it tastes great! My very own guinea pig, He’s such a good sport.

David comes downstairs in a pair of grey sweats and his large white shirt.  That’s an interesting outfit, I tell him.  It’s academic, says he.  Do you know what I wore in college?  …a jacket and tie.  Did you try a pipe?  Yes, I tried and tried to smoke a pipe, but burned my tongue, so I quit.  Then he digresses to a memory of a professor who gave him a C++ instead of a B–.  Apparently, it was not good for his GPA.

I’ve heard the story many times.  He, the son of a railway man dropped out of UNC Chapel Hill where he was majoring in Physics (his brother’s idea): went into the US Army Signal Corps during the Korean conflict; left the service to hook up with AT&T; and 8 years later with two kids in tow, went back to UNC to finish a degree in Economics under the GI bill.  Somewhere along this path he also worked for the Atlantic Coast Line Railway for several years. And although I have heard the story many times, I forget the sequence of events.

You need to write this down I tell him. We all need to do a better job of writing our autobiography for our descendants.


My daughter began writing her blog a while back.  She’s very private about it, however, so I can’t tell you who she is or where it is.  She had been writing it for sometime before she told me about its existence. Just as well you don’t know the address, both of us would find the connection inhibiting.  Embarrassing even.  The things she says about me.


Somebody ratted us out.  We received a missive from the county about our ‘unlicensed dog’ yesterday.  We have believed for years that having their rabies shots plus tags licensed them. This is an ADDITIONAL license.

 We weren’t hiding.  We simply did not know Virginia had a law stating that every dog must be licensed TWICE, with the county within which it resides, and the state.  And furthermore, you can only have three dogs.

I know the rat must have been a neighbor, because the letter came for David, and technically, I own the dogs. Folks don’t know my last name, and only a few know my first name. (I have lived in the county under three different names). The culprit was not the vet’s office because it only named Clare, misspelling her name.  Of course a letter may come on Monday concerning Johnny, but if it’s addressed to David they will have it wrong. I don’t know how anyone could know whether or not Clare was registered with the state.

Until recently, rabies shots and tags were the only ID dogs needed. This must be a new law.  Was it part of the new voter ID law?  Was it passed in response to the problem Virginia has with dog fighting? (I think Michael Vick had a problem here.)

David and I have owned dogs for decades and don’t need a frightening letter with implications concerning confiscation or lost dogs.  Our dogs are tagged and microchipped.  Nevertheless, we sent the county a check for $50 to cover licensing, and filled out a form, including dates for rabies shots, for each dog.


On our way back from somewhere yesterday, we saw signs around the neighborhood park (tennis and basketball courts, and a track for running, jogging and dog walking through a wooded area). Save Thomas Jefferson Park, the signs read.  So after we dutifully filled out our dog forms, we got online and signed the petition to save the park.  We also wrote protest notes.  I won’t go into the detail here, but our county board seems to have lost its collective mind…the problem with one-party rule in the ‘People’s Republic of Arlington.’

18 thoughts on “Smorgasbord Sunday

    • The crumbly topping was great but I left it in the fridge too long and it didn’t crumble well (too cold). The cake tasted good, but was flat not flakey. Did not cook long enough maybe, or oven was not hot enough. Too many points for me, but David is eating most of it.


  1. Your local governing board sounds scary, and the $50 dog license smacks of a money-raising tactic, maybe to pay for new public infrastructure to serve the park development. The thought of “moist and heavy” coffee cake did help a bit to ease my angst over governmental maneuvers, though.


    • Thanks Sallie. My whole neighborhood is up in arms over this. First the county tried to kill the local branch library, then the environmental services looked the other way while developers took out huge trees. Now the want to ‘develop’ the parkland. Some think it is to increase the tax base. Eventually, there won’t be a single older resident left here.


  2. When I was in college I did a semester abroad. One of my grades was a B-. Except the college where I did the semester didn’t have pluses and minuses. I was going to contest the grade, arguing it should be a B Then I decided not to, because I was afraid the school would downgrade me to a C. And if you got a C you could graduate with honors. (So I graduated with one type of honor, but not the other.)


  3. Isn’t it strange the way different places have different regulations for basically the same thing.
    Here dog owners just have to register the animal with the local council and display the tag on a collar – no other requirements at all. Many dogs have never seen a vet in their life so have had no ‘shots’ of any sort.
    We have cat registration as well – also cat curfews (indoors over night) and some councils are trying for ‘within the property boundary at all time. That one is tricky for outdoor cats
    How did the ingredients of your (collapsing) cake differ from the ones you have made in the past?
    Take care


      • Not your fault. I am probably hypersensitive concerning pets at the moment. We spend a fortune keeping our mostly house dogs safe and healthy. I am angry that the county would issue a letter implying we don’t. Of course we are not the people who cause issues with dogs. Clare had her rabies shot in February. Undoubtedly a paper SNAFU is behind this?


  4. I’d like a piece of that cake, since your David finds it tasty.
    I had to chuckle when you said your daughter’s blog might be embarrassing because of the things she says about you. Sounds like how my family feels about my blog.


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