Home Again

As the days lengthen, and the dawn breaks earlier each day, going with the flow of events, we arise with the dogs and birds.  Its only 5:30 in the morning, says David who could sleep anywhere anytime.  I whisper in his ear, the dogs want to go out.


Next to the heat pump: Callibrochoa, Petunias, Fuchsia, Agastache, Coleus. June 2014.

Next to the heat pump: Callibrochoa, Petunias, Fuchsia, Agastache, Coleus. June 2014.

By seven we have taken care of the dogs, filled the outdoor birdbaths, fed and watered our five parrots and done some yard work.

Yard work these days consists of watering the pots of plants before the heat hits them on this day with another forecast of 90+ degrees.  It also means pulling a few weeds, and David spraying vinegar to kill the grasses, clover, violets and other ‘weeds’ attempting a takeover of the brick sidewalk.

The air is already hot as tempers in Washington, DC.


As I continue down the road to the rejection of wheat products, I discover more and more grocery shelf items I never imagined contained wheat do so. First went the obvious…bread, crackers pastas, etc. Now replaced with gluten-free bread and corn and rice noodles.  Did you know wheat was an ingredient in cold cuts, artificial bacon bits, Hoisin Sauce, Soy Sauce and items marked “smoked” that are not wood smoked?

I’ve read several books on the subject of gluten intolerance and discovered an interesting best seller by William Davis, entitled Wheat Belly.  I liked the first part of the book best where he talks about genetically modified foods and explains why the wheat we eat today is not the wheat we ate 50 years ago.  Davis’ recipes are far too restrictive for me as he is critical of almost all grain products (so many others, like corn and some types of rice, have been modified by mad “scientists”). If I buy something with rice or corn in it, I look for the non-GMO label.

Yesterday, I mixed a batch of gluten-free flour composed of brown rice flour, white rice flour, potato flour, potato starch, and several other ingredients.  I am not going to make bread right away, but will try the new flour in scones, cookies, pastry crusts, and other items. Stay tuned.


In the 1980s, when I traveled around the US on company business almost every week, or the 1990s, when I traveled around the US on Census Bureau Business or took extended trips overseas, if David went with me, we either boarded our animals or hired a house/pet sitter….often one of our six kids.

I share this information because some folks think if you deprive yourself of a pet you can travel. I even hired someone or coerced a relative to care for my animals and children when I traveled overseas back in the 1970s to meet my EX for R&R.

David and I don’t travel much these days because we got tired of it.  I don’t miss it either.  I like my bed. I miss my pets when I am away from them.  Connie wrote she missed her dogs when she was away on her trip west.

I used to wonder why my in-laws never wanted to leave their home NC.  Over the years, they managed to make a few trips to see our family wherever we were stationed, but mostly they stayed home. So did my other in-laws, who never came to see us..ever.  As I grew older, I learned, some people would rather be home where the heart and the hearth are.




12 thoughts on “Home Again

  1. We still like to travel (but you knew that already) …. But this post reminds me of that bumper sticker wisdom “wherever you go, there you are.”. (Sorry, I’m on the road and that’s about as philosophical as I can get right now.).


    • Probably best not to plan to far ahead given David’s arthritis condition. I sure can’t do the walking I did years ago. I am traveling West to see my kids in October. Most of my travel in the future will be to see one kid or another. I’m sure you will travel to see kids also.

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  2. I guess we’re doing all our traveling now because we know that very soon, our traveling days will be over since we won’t be able to leave mom home alone. I do like being home a lot too and being in a more regular routine. I’m having a terrible time keeping up with my blogging.


  3. I am becoming ever closer to that home and hearth preference. Husband still loves to travel but his ardor has dimmed just a bit for the idea of full-time travel. We just returned 6 days ago from a17 day road trip. He is already planning our next trip. We both, however, take longer to “recharge” than we used to.


    • I suppose if I hadn’t moved home 32 times before I was 8 years old, then married a Marine and moved dozens of times more, then gone to work in a job that sent me here there and everywhere, followed by another similar job, and added many many other trips ‘for fun’, I might still have the wunderlust. But I did all those things and now I don’t. Except to visit a child, grandchild, or other relative.


  4. Husband and I often lament how we can’t travel together because of our three dogs. We have no one we trust since moving to Baton Rouge 2 years ago. Sigh. I’d probably miss them anyway.

    Hope your new gluten-free lifestyle is going well!


    • It’s a process, not an event. At present, my gamey leg is driving me crazy. I think the loss of cartilage in my knee made one leg shorter than the other. Perhaps one leg was always shorter and the loss of cartilage made it worse.


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