Kiki and Bill, love at first sight

Kiki and Bill, love at first sight

Our latest cat caper lasted 12 hours.  The kitten we were originally slated to have, had been injured in a cat fight and was “not ready for adoption” the feline rescue group told my daughter.   We opted to try a different kitty named Kiki.

When Connie and Bill picked Kiki up, she instantly formed a bond with Bill during their two-hour dive here Saturday.  Kiki, whose Mom was a feral cat and Dad a Siamese, spent the night with us and howled her Siamese howl all night.

One of the 18 times I got up to comfort her she discovered I was old and slow, and escaped to the bedroom where Johnny sleeps in a crate.  She stood outside his crate and hissed, he barked and woke up David. She ran under my bed. Eventually, despite my arthritic handicap, I caught her and returned her to the lovely fluffy bed I had provided her. She jumped in the bathtub, on the toilet, and the sink counter, and escaped again. Repeat sequence above.  This escape and recovery occurred about 5 times.

Finally, at 4:18 AM, I sent my daughter a text message saying, help, I don’t think this cat is going to work out.  Because Bill had fallen in love with the cat, they drove back up to our house and took the cat and all her gear home with them.

Bye-Bye Kiki

Bye-Bye Kiki

 Maybe the guy at the shelter was right.  Maybe I am too old for a kitten.


Meanwhile, thinking I might try a different more mellow kitten, I sent my bird pals a message regarding cats and birds.  The general feeling was that if you want a cat, be prepared to take your bird to the avian vet.  Apparently, cats carry a bacteria deadly to birds, although several of my bird pals thought you could have a cat if you kept them separated at all times.  Another suggested having the cat outdoors, a no-no for me for many reasons.  Debbi wrote, “I’m sorry, but I think it’s too dangerous to have a cat with birds under any circumstances.”

I think I knew all this, but forgot, which is probably why I haven’t had a cat in 10 years.  Meanwhile, I have my cuddly birds and Johnny, who has almost forgiven me for bringing that horrible kitten home.

Baby the Senegal snuggles into my shirt.

Baby the Senegal snuggles into my shirt.

20 thoughts on “Gone

  1. What a pretty parrot! We are pet-free because of our travel habit, but had Siamese when the kids were home….they sound like a baby when they howl! I don’t think I could do that again at my age, althogh we enjoyed them then. I get very upset when people like the one commenter above talk about how they build cat doors because outdoor pet cats are the primary reason for the death of songbirds. If people don’t want to take care of cats inside they shouldn’t have them as pets.


  2. Kittens are a lot of work and are all over everywhere for the first year…two keep each other company but that is twice the work in other ways. I am sorry this didn’t work out. I forgot about your birds which will always be regarded as prey items….. Hug


  3. You stayed up most of the night for a kitten? That’s kind-hearted of you.
    Perhaps this is an outdoor kitten, having had a feral ancestor.
    I always think cats are little work but, of course, I’ve never had a house cat; all our cats had cat flaps cut into the doors to come and go as they please. Even the one in our London home.

    Cats are natural roamers and I believe they need real freedom. When I get too old for a dog – the daily walking – I’ll probably have a cat again. Maybe.

    Getting old is very sad, I can’t imagine not having a non-human creature in the house.


  4. Mercy, what an adventure! I’m sure your beautiful bird is relieved that the hyperactive critter has vacated the premises. I’m in my 50s and cannot wait to be pet-free for the first time in my life. I want to travel and it’s difficult to do so with pets.


    • I think our traveling together days are behind us. David hates to go anywhere. Getting him downtown to a museum is a big deal. I will travel alone to see a relative or friend, but that’s about it I fear.


  5. What a pet adventure you had, from the beginning of the adoption to the emergency pickup by your daughter and SIL. We haven’t had any pets since our last beagle died. Husband wants us to travel while we are able and without worrying about four-footed family members.


  6. Kittens are a handful no matter your age, cute as they are! And your Sennie is adorable – priceless picture.

    I have cats under the same roof as my flock only due to the fact that I had to temporarily move back in with my parents (who have both cats and dogs). The other pets and parrots are always, always separated via the bird-room door. Owning/keeping cats and birds is possible, but tough and maybe more trouble and risk than it’s worth. Along that line of thought….Dogs are actually the more risky animal to pair birds with. I have several vet tech and veterinarian friends who assure me that more birds come in with injuries from canine attacks than anything else. Owners protest that ‘this never happened before,’ but an animal’s instinct is unstoppable – and it takes just one moment for things to turn bad.

    The best rule of thumb is just not to pair birds (a prey animal) with other kinds of pets, or if you do, keep them separated at all times.

    Hope you find your perfect kitty soon!


    • Thanks for your comment. I won’t be getting a cat. I have had dogs and parrots for a dozen years, and without incident. I think all my bird pals in two ‘interest’ groups (over 100 people) have dogs. Some dogs, like Spaniels, might try to attack a bird, especially bird dogs, but many could care less. My avian vet is also a dog vet, and she has Conures and dogs.

      If the incidence of bird injuries from dog attacks is higher than that from cat attacks, as reported by your friends, then perhaps it is because certain breeds are more dangerous than others and/or more parrots live with dogs than live with cats.


    • Dogs and birds are okay. Dogs and cats are okay. It’s the cat in the mix I had that was my problem.

      My daughter and her husband have five dogs, and now one cat with the addition of Kiki. Kiki will hold her own with the dogs. Connie’s daughter Rita has two cats and two dogs and loves animals. We all love them and can’t imagine life without them.

      Connie was so happy to have Kiki last night. She had not had a cat since she was a child. I am fortunate that my daughter was so helpful in this instance.


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