Woodsman, do you know what’s up!

For years, I have been urging my neighbor with the crazy wife (long story) to trim the two American Bay trees under the power lines at the front of his property.  Yesterday, he finally got around to it.  Unfortunately, the tree crew…three novices with a big saw…did it the wrong way.  At this time of the year, the new baby birds are fledging and have left the nest…sort of.

From my kitchen window, I have been watching a pair of Downey Woodpecker parents feed their nearly grown offspring. I am certain they had nested in the first tree to feel the saw.

Hysterically, almost…my blood pressure won’t take too much excitement… I ran into the yard yelling…This is the wrong time of the year to trim trees, what are you doing?  The crew leader, who could barely speak English (his compatriots spoke not a word of English) told me they were trimming the trees because they were “too close to the house,” (they were not, but are dangerously close to power lines).

I told him about the birds, the rising sap and that winter is when you trim trees…for many reasons (not the least being electrocution). Nevertheless, they proceeded to hack away on the trees in the front yard. Because half of the Walnut tree in the back yard is on our property, I managed to stop them from completely hacking it down.  I spotted the entire Woodpecker family on it about an hour later.

First photos show the remains of what was a 60 foot tree (between the weather vane and the crooked post oak.  Third photo shows the Walnut tree.

Hacked Bay trees at left and right,  and across the street's Chestnut tree in the distance.

Hacked Bay trees at left and right, and across the street’s Chestnut tree in the distance.



On a happier note, my DIL Wendy posted photos of grandson Jacob’s graduation from Middle School yesterday.

Below, photos from Wendy and Richard

Jacob on a Red-White and Blue Day.

Jacob on a Red-White and Blue Day.

Wendy, Jacob, Richard and Sean

Wendy, Jacob, Richard and Sean


15 thoughts on “Woodsman, do you know what’s up!

  1. You should see how they trim the trees over here in Hawaii. You’d think they’d never come back, but some how they do. It’s so unlike the mainland. I’m so sorry about your tree, Dianne.

    However, congratulations on all the happy news! What a truly gorgeous family you have!


  2. Hated the tree story so much that I really didn’t read it. That kind of thing makes my blood boil. Stupid people do that to me. As for your grandson, what a gorgeous family, and what a special celebration. So glad they sent you such great photos and glad that you shared them with us.


  3. I am so sorry about the trimming. I complained uselessly here too when they planted trees that outgas carbon dioxide instead of O2.
    Yes, what a winner of a family that is. Handsome and beautiful. 🙂


  4. So sad, that’s the kind of tree trimming the city does here. Every year, every year everyone complains for naught. Good looking family, best of everything to your grandson in his future.


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