Exciting Times, or a day in the life of Grandma

Since the girls completed their jaunt to the West coast, things have pretty much returned to normal around here. Joy is posting cow photos on her Facebook page and earning $$ for next semester at the bison farm where she has worked for several years. Hannah our family artist is working on her claymation art.  She tells me they are for film shorts…I think.   Rita’s truck, Stella, once a wreck (Rita totaled her), has her groove back.

Stella, looking like new

Stella, looking like new

 Amelia, busy with graduate work seldom posts anything, but I see she is calling herself Amelia June after my Mom.

On the other side of the country, my two grandsons Jacob (age 14) and Sean (age 10) were both named to the Little League All Stars baseball teams for their divisions. Everyone one, especially their proud parents is elated. Below, a recent photo of the boys with two cousins Hannah and Joy.IMG_0270


I’m weaving and hobbling a bit because the cartilage in my right knee is shot, making one leg shorter than the other. Nevertheless, I walked Johnny briefly yesterday.  Kathi was out with Kaylee, her big dog, so we walked together with Kaylee in the lead Johnny in the middle and Clare and David walking way back behind us….like a pack.  I was so pleased because Johnny has not done this before, but with Kathi’s help, Johnny is deciding he will do things my way, i.e., be a good neighbor. A day at a time with a dog or cat.  Now if I can get Johnny to stop growling and barking at the postman and UPS driver.


I’ve spent hours studying my books on the gluten-free diet.  Yesterday, I converted several of the gluten-free cookie recipes into Weight Watchers recipes so that I could identify and count the ‘points.’ I know my weakness you see, and I must take care of my sweet tooth.

The bad news is these GF recipes call for butter and wholesome whole foods and thus equal many points. The good news is that they will taste grand. The sugar cookie recipe* I currently use calls for Canola oil. Now that Canola oil has been compromised by Monsanto and GMO ‘changes’, and the stupid ethanol subsidies that drive these changes, I am going back to organic dairy products, and happy I am not a Vegan.

Quite a challenge to balance all these issues…pollution, weight gain or loss, gluten, carbs, and let us not forget TASTE.  But one I must embrace.  I want to be rid of the Migraine headaches and other issues associated with Celiac Disease. And thin again for my heart’s sake.

*recipe from Aunt Marge and good for people with Diabetes or the preDiabetes which afflicts David.





10 thoughts on “Exciting Times, or a day in the life of Grandma

  1. I’m so sorry about the knee difficulties. That really impacts exercise and the imbalance must cause other stresses on the body. You have such a beautiful family, Dianne. It looks like they are all busy with their lives.


  2. I love the updates on your grands and the “cousins” is delightful.

    I admire your thoroughness in addressing all your food issues and reporting your successes. The downside about your food posts, though, is they turn my thoughts to snacking. The update on the grands offered much less temptation to indulge in-between-meal consumption. Ha ha.


  3. That’s a nice family photo. Love the old truck. Hope your knee gets to feeling better. My diet consists of moderation and discipline, staying away from things I know are bad, etc. Beyond that, it’s all too overwhelming.


    • Yes, food is a challenge, but pursuing a nutrition based diet is worth it for me. On the other hand, I could not spend four hours sitting in a bog so as to capture a pileated woodpecker on film. Ha Ha. I suppose we all have our interests. Mine happen to be associated with food. Not that I am nutty or anything.


  4. Stella looks great as do the boys. Real butter here again. I want to eat it ALL at once, but I am doing butter by the point too. You sound reaally good.


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