Sunday Scribblings

No sooner had I posted on my blog yesterday than my daughter the lovely Connie sent me a text message.  My granddaughter Rita had located a kitten in need of a new home. Meet Katherine the Great, aka, Miss Kitty as she will be called. She looks like the sister of my old cat Bob Cat. (photo in yesterday’s post)

Catherine the Great

Catherine the Great

I haven’t met Miss Kitty yet, but she will arrive about 2 PM next Saturday, just in time for Father’s Day I tell David, who is downplaying his feelings at the moment. David is the cat lover par excellence, although he feigns indifference.  I know this because for years he has told me the stories his dad told him about his dad’s cat, Joe Moss Foster who lived to a ripe old age providing the family with many tales. Do you know what old Joe did today? David senior would ask, and proceed to share with his son, namesake and favorite child.

The other thing David swears is that Bob Cat rubs his leg and pops up all over the place.  I have seen him too, so its true, his spirit lives on.

Those are David’s stories, however, for him to share if he ever gets around to writing his own blog.


The past few weeks, I have been stocking my pantry with gluten-free ingredients. As a result, David hauled bags of non-GF food to the local food bank.  When he entered the store someone advised him to take a number and have a seat.  But I am here to donate he said.  Soon some one walked with him to the car to fetch the bags of food he wanted to donate.  We had a good laugh about the idea the people at the food bank thought he as a poor starving ‘customer.’  David said the food bank was packed. Many hungry people in this county I fear, and many of them older.

Today, I am making a gluten-free Texas Chili and GF cornbread.  David just returned from MOM, one of the local organic food stores, with the necessary GF ingredients for the cornbread, plus some other ingredients for the ‘breakfast cookies’ I will make tomorrow.  Pictured below the haul from the store and the Chili in a new USA made Dutch oven that exudes iron into the food.

Texas Chili, the way Mom made it.

Texas Chili, the way Mom made it.

Gluten Free ingredients

Gluten Free ingredients

15 thoughts on “Sunday Scribblings

  1. Katherine the Great Kitty certainly looks quite regal in that photo. Congratulations! I’m so excited for you both.

    The chili and cornbread sounds wonderful too! Yum!


  2. That chili looks good. I cook Lady Bird’s chili and love it. G likes his so it burns everywhere. I hand him the beyond hot hot sauce.

    Kitty looks darning. I hope you are leaping around a bit better today. Hugs from here.


  3. Hooray for you and your new kitty. The chili looks delicious. I tried gluten free cooking, still am trying it. Had to make a lot of recipes before I got the ones I like still experimenting. I don’t have a gluten intolerance but do have wheat allergies so I’ll keep trying.


  4. Looking forward to photos of the new kitty. You and David must be overjoyed.
    As for gluten-free products, I wonder what they taste like.
    I made chili macaroni the other day and we love it. Just had the last bowlful today for breakfast.


    • The cornbread and chili I made today tasted like regular food, but better. No additives, pesticides, etc. 100% organic and gluten free, but not vegan. The cornbread recipe calls for sour cream and I used light sour cream so it was a tad dry. Next time, I will add a little water I think.


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