High anxiety

As I sit before my computer this afternoon, I am in a state of high anxiety.  Is it because I am awaiting the results of the biopsy I had earlier this week?  NO!

Is it because David drives like a maniac and I am concerned he will kill one or both of us?  NO!

I spent the morning filling out forms at the animal shelter.  YES!  I have applied to adopt two orange kitten sisters named Candy and Carly.   I held both of them and both of them purred and wanted to stay with me, but I had to fill out forms and now I await a phone call from the adoption process approval Goddess who will decide my fate.

I had to answer questions such as:

Why did you surrender two parrots to the shelter?

 I never surrendered two parrots, I adopted two Cockatiels from the shelter 12 years ago.  Both have died since.  Your records are wrong. I have surrendered three lovebirds at different times, two of them last week, one of them my granddaughter’s.  She is 22 now, and she was 12 then.  That was 10 years ago.

I can’t clean the cages as well as I once did. And, they need to be dragged outdoors and hosed down.

Do you think you will be able to clean a litter box?  Oh yes, they have lightweight stuff that clumps so you can throw it away a clump at a time.

I didn’t tell them, but one Cockatiel was killed in a cock-fight with my Senegal parrot who snuck into their cage.  A short time later, the other one fell off her perch dead from fatty liver disease…the result of an all seed diet she ate before I adopted her.

What happened to your dogs?   How did they die?  Old age and a brain tumor.  They were 18 and 19 years old. You cremated them for me.

I have two more at home in great health.  You can call my vet.  She has taken care of my dogs and cats for 30 years.

Do you have a fence?  Yes, but my dogs don’t stay outside without one of us.  I am afraid a hawk will carry the small one away.

Will these cats be indoor or outdoor cats?  Indoor cats.  I don’t like outdoor cats for many reasons.  1/ they can be killed by cars or other animals;  2/ they climb through poison ivy and come home and rub it all over you;  3/ they kill outdoor birds.

And so forth.

Now I await my fate.

Not my cat, but I wish he was.

Not my cat, but I wish he was.



27 thoughts on “High anxiety

  1. I’m a dog person myself, not a cat person; but we did have one cat a long time ago. We brought her home expecting her to be an oudoor cat — and the very first day she was run over by the crazy-driving lady next door. She lost her tail and almost lost her life. After that, she was an indoor cat for the next 16 years. Sassy … RIP. And good luck with your two new ones!


  2. I think it is a very good idea to check out prospective adopters. Not everybody looks after their pets the way you and I do.

    I wouldn’t be allowed to adopt a young dog because of my age; it’s guaranteed (almost) that I die before the animal and it would have to be rehomed again. I don’t know if that goes for kittens, I’d probably be given an older cat.


  3. Wishing you the best! Sounds like they are a little rigorous in their application process. Glad to hear they will be indoor cats for the birds’ sake and the other reasons you mentioned.


  4. Wow, that’s about like the 29-page application I recently filled out for something I’m considering (if I’m even accepted), but it has nothing to do with animals, except there was a whole section on animal cruelty and had I ever participated. Gosh, they don’t just turn over their animals to anyone, do they? And look, you have a record! Egahds. Sure hope you pass the muster.


    • I felt like crying. I turned over the love birds because cleaning the cages was extremely difficult for David and me together, and I have five other birds to care for. In comparison, emptying the litter box will be easy. There is a light weight absorbent litter that clumps on the market.

      We take extremely good care of our animals. My vets will vouch for me. A neighbor works at the shelter. I told them to ask Brenda about me.

      I can get kittens elsewhere, but orange female kittens are more difficult to find. A woman came in after me trying to adopt them. She took one of the boy kittens home.


  5. Those are sweet cats. Sometimes these adoption things get a little too over the top.. I’m in favor of knowing the background of adopters but let’s face it, unless someone has a criminal record of animal cruelty, they are going to give these cats a home. Who are they kidding.? Do they think this is North Korea where everyone eats dogs?


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