Yesterday’s puzzle

Companula Punctata 'Pink Chimes'

Campanula Punctata ‘Pink Chimes’

Her name is Campanula Punctata ‘Pink Chimes.’  She is a Heritage Perennial, whose Latin name means bellflower.  She is a favorite among gardeners because she blooms from Spring to Summer to Fall and grows in both shade and sun.  And she can handle dry soil.  And you can grow her in containers.

We returned to Green Spring Gardens today and had much better luck. A group of people was clustered around the main education and office building, but they soon boarded busses and were away on a day trip.

The dogs were better behaved and enjoyed the frequent strokes from passing strangers.  The place was buzzing with volunteers cleaning, pruning, raking…. all working on their Master Gardener certificate.  David and I strolled at a leisurely pace as the day promises to reach the high 80s.

The Spring flourish is past and summer perennials are just beginning to bloom.  Roses are almost gone, although those silly ‘Knockout’ roses will continue to bloom through the summer at the various gas stations and other hot locations. Hybridizers have much to answer for I think.

Greenspring grows heirloom varieties, those plants our local birds love, although I do see the odd Nandina  (Heavenly Bamboo) or other imported plant in the landscape. We will return in a few weeks when the Indian Paint Brush and other summer favorites are at their majestic best and I learn more about my camera lenses.

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11 thoughts on “Yesterday’s puzzle

  1. Well, the name suits that flower. I don’t think it is cultivated here in Hawaii.
    I dislike crowds anywhere. I don’t like the noise and the claustrophobia. Give me peace and serenity anytime.


  2. RYN: Nope, just fixing Grumpy’s drivers side door handle. I did get him washed yesterday.
    Marvelous gardens. Thanks so much. You and your readers leave me with a grin.


  3. So I was right, except that it is called campanula here , from the Latin of bell.
    in any case, it is very beautiful.
    you are lucky to have this beautiful garden nearby.


  4. Lovely to have this beautiful urban garden spot for walking this time of year especially. Yes, it is field trip time for the kiddies isn’t it? Easier to avoid them earlier in the school year when you go out on weekdays (which is when we always try to do things, leaving the weekends to the non-retired). Still no matter how noisy, maybe the beauty and love of outdoors gets through to one or two of them and so I suppose that makes it worthwhile.


    • Years ago, I worked in the children’s garden at this botanic gardens. The kids who got the most from it appeared to be the children of recent immigrants who grew up in rural areas.

      As much as I dislike being surrounded by 100s of children these days, I do want them to learn to appreciate the natural world. The gardens are cultivated, but the park contains a wooded area with a creek where the kids can see interesting birds and the odd animal they haven’t frightened to death.


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