Calling all garden mavens

I visited Green Spring Gardens this morning and found a wonderful perennial which I photographed (below).  Johnny was misbehaving (uprooting a plant, pooping on the walkway, barking at everyone, etc.), so after I went back to the car to retrieve a bag for the poop, while David stuck the uprooted plant in the ground, we left before I could locate the plant marker.  Just as well, my camera went dead and three buses of screaming children arrived for a school visit as we left the parking lot.

The plant had spread over an area the size of a small room, under a tree, thus a shade plant. Does anyone know his name?  I am going back tomorrow to find out and pray everything has calmed down.

(Click to enlarge each image)

14 thoughts on “Calling all garden mavens

  1. They are really beautiful. Sorry I can’t help with ID. I just left our nature center where a group of screaming kids scared all the wildlife away. So I know what you mean…


      • Now that you mention it, I might. But very quickly I’ll tell you. The word unguentina is nonexistent. I had a step father for over 30 years after my father died in 1962.I only lived with them during the summers after college was out. I didn’t really like him much but for my mother’s sake we got along. He had a funny sense of humor though, and one the the things was, whenever anyone didn’t know the name of something he would blurt out, with all confidence, “It’s an unguentina”! It could apply to anything…plant life, animal life…what ever. For example, if you saw a couple dancing and you didn’t recognize the type of dance, he would immediately say “it’s the unguentina.” I guess he influenced me more than I realized.


  2. Sorry, no idea. Unless it’s a campanula? The flower heads might be but the leaves aren’t.
    I have clematis with flowers like these. If nobody can help I’ll do a search in my plant books.


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