I am back from the hospital, having undergone the colonoscopy and endoscopy this morning, and learning the correct pronunciation of both terms.  The hospital was a madhouse, a gazillion baby boomers going for their screening it seems.

The colonoscopy for my large intestine revealed one polyp…to be analyzed, and a small hemorrhoid.  The endoscopy for my stomach revealed a few polyps, but an overall improvement of my stomach and esophagus compared with three years ago.  So…ulcers have not returned and the acid reflux and bile reflux are under control.

In a week I will get the results from the biopsy, and depending on what it suggests, a few weeks later, I swallow the camera which will take 50,000 photographs of the 22 feet of my small intestine.  Doctor Herman says iron deficiency and anemia have one of two causes, blood loss or malabsorption, so nothing regarding the iron has been ruled out…yet.

Somehow, I feel a bit relieved although I don’t know much more than I did. The diagnostic process is a pain in the bum.  Literally.


To cheer me up a bit, I downloaded a few more photos from the girls trip west, where they saw their aunt and uncle/brother and nephew/cousins.  DIL Wendy took the photos below.  The kids visited one of the military cemeteries in San Diego on Memorial day.  Dad was a Vietnam Era Marine, Granddad a Marine in the Pacific in WWII (at Iwo Jima) and Granddad the Army in WWI.  Many uncles and cousins, on both sides, Marines, Army, and Navy. Definitely a military family. (Thanks to GM and Grandma Lin who taught me how to set up the slide show..  Now I can really be creative!)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

17 thoughts on “Signs

  1. Great looking family and congrats on learning to do the slide show. Glad the tests are over (especially the “prep work” for the one I’ve had done a couple of times) and sending positive thoughts for positive results.


  2. Yes, WordPress is the best. I can comment so easily on everyone’s blog that has WordPress. Blogger just makes me crazy when I try to comment. Usually loses or won’t let the comment post.

    Glad you got through the testing. I HATE the prep for the colonoscopy but the procedure is so simple. If they ever come up with a way to do the colonoscopy w/o the prep, then I’ll be right there. Until then, I’m not doing another one unless I’m hogtied.


  3. So glad the worst of that is done. Now we all eagerly await the results.

    The tall handsome man is your son? Look at all those seals on the beach. Miss Ellen Browning Scripps built that for the children, and the seals have taken over. I’ve never seen so many there before.

    Beautiful family.


    • Thanks Mage. He is gorgeous and almost age 51. When he was younger, he came in third in the Mr. California Natural contest. Thank goodness he doesn’t do body building anymore. He can cook and makes many meals. Great father to his boys. Very involved in their athletic stuff, although Wendy does most of the ferrying of boys to games, events, etc. Wendy very involved in school stuff. She’s pretty gorgeous too. California couple?

      Looking at the seals now. Did not know what they were before.

      Sent from my iPad



  4. You are remarkably sanguine about all these internal explorations. Good for you.
    I hope all goes well and the outcome is good.

    The slideshow is done well and I enjoyed the photos.


  5. Hopefully, the worst of it is over.Just one question….if you swallow that camera, will it be sending those pics to the NSA as well?


  6. Hope all will be well once the polyps are analyzed. My dad just had this procedure and they found a vessel leaking blood into his stomach which they cauterized immediately. That was the reason for his anemia and low iron levels.


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