California dreaming

IMG_0260At this hour, the girls are airborne, somewhere between CA and Chicago, arriving at Dulles later today.  I have the sense they are all sad because their wonderful vacation is ending.  Connie planned and paid for the trip, and it went off without a hitch. She told me she dreamed of doing this all her life.

 My little girl.  Who knew she would grow up to become so wonderful?  I did of course. Not that I can take much credit.  She is who she is largely because of her own efforts.  She would tell you her Higher Power played a major role in her life and the lives of her daughters.


I spent the morning using my Zillow App to scour the area housing stock.  I came to the sad conclusion that we could not afford to live in this county if we were moving here today.  The recent housing bust did not put a dent in the Arlington housing market.  True, some people lost their homes. but they were in the small painful minority.  Meanwhile investors with money bought up the foreclosed housing stock and are looking for a quick buck on resale. The Zillow App is very informative.


Two nights ago, I had a bad episode of whatever afflicts me and slept badly.  I was so tired last night I fell asleep during a new episode of Phrynne Fisher. Now that’s tired. I recorded the program, so we will watch it tonight…date night.

One day to go before the Endoscopy.  This too will pass.  David says he doesn’t care if Ronald Reagan recommended them, he is not going to have one….ever.  Doctors recommend them, especially as you age. I had my first one three years ago.  I thought I could skate for 10 years afterward, but it was not to be.

For one thing the last skin cancer removal was not for a basal cell carcinoma, it involved squamous cells.  I knew the lesion was there but I had it for a good long time.  My dermatologist and I thought it was the eczema I have in other places.

For another, I’ve had an ulcer in the past and need to have the area checked again. The meds I take for acid reflux and bile flux aren’t working as well as they did.  And the meds I take for HBP and Arthritis do a job on my insides.  Aunt Audrey, who suffered from the same issues, had 4/5 of her stomach removed before she died.

This afternoon, David and I sat out on the back porch, enjoying the perfect weather.  May is such a beautiful month.  The Chipping Sparrows have returned and are making their Singer sewing machine chip-chip-chip-whirring noises.  Just like the old treadle machine I learned to sew on all those years ago.  Living in the present moment matters.



10 thoughts on “California dreaming

  1. Lovely montage. Lovely daughter and granddaughters. I’m struggling a bit with the horrors that are happening to mine.

    No Zillow app here. Nothing to app on, actually. But I don’t need one to know that I cannot afford to buy a one story anything here near the beach. Living in three stories will hopefully keep me fitter. Perhaps I could afford to buy one in Detroit. Hugs.


  2. Live in the present, but remember the past! That’s my mantra and you do both parts of it well. I thought your girls had driven all the way out west. They must have flown somewhere and rented a van. Probably I missed that sentence in an earlier post. Love your header shot.


  3. I just wrote a lovely long comment that just went whoosh into cyberspace 😦
    Heres the abbreviated version 🙂
    Your girls with have lots to laugh about in years to come recalling all the fun they had during their trip this year – and you too will be able to laugh about this endoscopy once it;s over and done with. Just think how much less messier an endoscopy is to a colonoscopy lol
    Good luck today


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