I should have been a Dietician

The past few weeks, I have been reading odious amounts of literature, mostly testimonials, doctor’s reports, and cookbooks on Celiac Disease, glutenin, and gliadin. That sentence should have read copious amounts of literature, but auto correct is correcting me again.  I’m reading about diet because if you receive the diagnosis of Celiac Disease, you are at risk of gaining weight on the Gluten free diet, and I haven’t worked my fanny off (literally) the past few years to gain it all back. Besides, my GP wants me to lose 20 more pounds for my heart’s sake.

In the process of reading, I found myself once again stumbling over the GI and glucans.  GI Is the glycemic Index and glucans are the calories that turn to fat after a meal.  Because David is PreDiabetic (on Metformin), and I have been flirting with PreDiabetes for several years, I began to study the disease some time ago, which led me to the GI.  I learned how to make foods David could eat (and promptly negate with a candy bar), but it was work.  Now that I am retired, I am opposed to work in principle.

The food was great but it took effort.  My cheesecake alone was to die for.  Watch several reruns of The Golden Girls and you learn that cheesecake is the goto food anyway.  Problem is, my low GI cheesecake is better than anything you will eat bought commercially. David loved it and between the two of us, we could consume a whole cheesecake in two days. I use Drs Eades cookbooks to make the low GI food.  The food is tasty, but many of the recipes rely on products containing gluten.  So, lately, I have been trying to find recipes that are both gluten-free and have a low GI.

I have discovered an APP called Biofit that allows me to measure the Glycals in various foods. And I also have the Weight Watchers point (calorie) counter and Is That Gluten Free Apps on my iPad. If I receive the diagnosis of Celiac Disease following my Endoscopy on Monday, I am going to be prepared.  Not for nothing was I a Girl Scout. Now I am working on a new mantra…cooking is fun, cooking is fun, repeat after me, cooking is fun. Buying gluten-free products is expensive, so cooking from scatch with wholesome ingredients must be fun


If you wondered what became of my girls on their cross-country trip here’s the latest.  After a fun long weekend with son-brother-uncle Richard and his family, they are now traveling the California Coast, visiting the Spanish Missions.

Earlier this Spring, my DIL took grandsons Jacob and Sean and Wendy’s nieces to visit the mission near where the other grandmother lives.  Wendy tells me the kids in fourth grade in California are assigned a mission for their term paper. I have one photo of the boys and their cousins on their distaff side, and the rest are from Connie and taken in Santa Barbara.

Jacob ans sean with cousins at a Spanish Mission in Northen CA

Jacob and Sean with cousins at a Spanish Mission in Northen CA

Santa Barbara Mission

Santa Barbara Mission


Santa Barbara CA at Sunset

Santa Barbara CA at Sunset

15 thoughts on “I should have been a Dietician

  1. Mission San Juan Bautista is just a few hours west of us. Fun trip that we take every so often. Mission Sonoma is probably my favorite. Looks like something some kids would have built. And, yes, 4th grade is mission year. Most students are required to build a model as part of the project.


  2. Hope the diagnosis is not Celiac Disease. Good luck!
    Soon you will be in San Diego with your loved ones. That will boost your spirits. Too bad David does not want to join you. It might boost his spirits, too.


    • Celiac would complicate things for sure, but I need to be challenged. Will probably end up working with a ‘real’ dietician as it is complicated to manage his, mine and ours. Traveling to SD in October. Thanks Gigi.

      Sent from my iPad



  3. Don’t have IBS symptoms. Doc thinks it’s Celiac and trying to prove it.

    I bought your grandmother’s book, and gave to Connie along with two others about the missions before they left.

    I actually saw theSwallows at Capistrano on one visit. I recall it had suffered earthquake damage.


  4. Maybe you will just have old IBS…which is easily treated. I cross my fingers. Great kids.

    My grandmother wrote; “With a Sketchbook Along the Old Mission Trail.” Self published, which was a scandal in the 30’s. I own the origonal drawings and the photos she worked from. I really love the missions, but the one in San Juan Capistrano is my favorite.


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