The photos I shared yesterday were a jumble from several of the national parks.  Hannah is setting up a slide show on her blog (link to be released in the future) so hopefully, she will label them.  I have a clue because Connie labeled them on her Facebook page, but she doesn’t share that link readily.

IMG_0327Yesterday, the girls pushed on from Colorado through Four Corners into Arizona, and spent the day traveling through Navaho territory.

Anyone who knows anything about what we used to call “American Indians” (changed to ?? by 2020), knows that Arizona has the largest population of them, but do you know which state is number 2?  I believe it is Wisconsin, or was when I worked for the Census Bureau in the Race and Ethnicity area of the Population Division.

At any rate, most of the photos below came from Arizona and Navaho country.  When they reached the Grand Canyon, the visibility was poor because some wicked person, or deranged imbecile started a fire in Sedona.  So they are pushing on to San Diego today where they will spend about a week with Richard and his family, then drive up the coast of CA.   I am sure they will enjoy being with family again, and hopefully have the same thrill Balboa did when he stumbled across the rugged terrain and called the ocean Pacific.


IMG_0335IMG_0222IMG_0331Above a Dust Devil.  Below the welcoming committee in San DiegoIMG_0343

16 thoughts on “Dust

    • In the past half hour my daughter sent me a dozen photos of the Grand Canyon. They got there last night. She says she had some concerns about the visibility, but from the photos, I can see things are clearing up.


  1. Such a sweet little boy. Looks like your family are following the journey we did. Too bad about the Grand Canyon but oh how I loved that drive along the California Coast up to Washington. Did you receive my e-mail Diane? Just curious.


  2. Loving both recent posts — we had a goal to see all the National Parks when we started full-time traveling .. …haven’t yet (and may not) meet the goal, but it was great trying. We loved all the ones we were lucky enough to visit.


  3. That is a great white shirt. My hubby wears his with jeans. I like my short sleeves, though, for cooking. Thanks so much for stopping by and giving me a heads up to this great photo. I’d drive to San Diego to see that little guy, too.


  4. It’s too bad they had to by pass the Grand Canyon. David and I are debating whether or not to see it next year, but we tell each other that the Grand Canyon is merely a bigger version of the Waimea Canyon on Kauai.


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