Being there: a big place

Although Joy dropped the backpack containing the car keys and Mom’s wallet off a ledge at the Grand Canyon, she scrambled down the cliff and retrieved it.  When she returned, mom burst into tears.  The smoke had cleared enough yesterday that the girls decided to take a few shots and then drive to San Diego.  Now they will R&R a few days, then head up the California coast.

I suppose the definition of a successful trip is that you survive it. And they did, which proves that the Bible was right when it said worry accomplishes nothing.  David and I are so proud of Connie.  She planned and executed the trip and the memories they have made will last a life time.  Hopefully, so will the photographs. I have assembled those they sent into an album (many more than I included in my posts), and I think Hannah has done something similar.  Joy has her big camera, and promised to take photos.  I won’t see those for a while yet.  All the photos I’ve shown were taken with a cell phone camera, including those below from the Grand Canyon.IMG_0344IMG_0345

Girls set up the tripod for the big camera.

Girls set up the tripod for the big camera.


16 thoughts on “Being there: a big place

  1. What? She scrambled down to get it? Yiiiiiikes! Thank goodness she was OK. I’m so happy and relieved that everything went so well. The photos they took are gorgeous! It will be wonderful to see the photos from the bigger camera.


  2. I’d be proud of her too. You’re right about worry — but I never can practice what I fervently believe. (I pretend a lot.) Did your daughter burst into tears because she was worried about her daughter scrambling down the cliff or because she was worried about the car keys etc. Or both?


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