Headed out

Today, the kids are headed toward the Four Corners of the United States.  Here’s what Wiki says about this area:

The Four Corners marks the quadripoint in the Southwestern United States where the states of Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, and Utah meet. It is the only point in the United States shared by four states, leading to this area’s being called the Four Corners region. The monument also marks the boundary between two semi-autonomous Native American governments, the Navajo Nation, which maintains the monument as a tourist attraction, and the Ute Mountain Ute Tribe Reservation.

The origins of the state boundaries marked by the monument occurred just prior to, and during the American Civil War, when the United States Congress acted to form governments in the area to combat the spread of slavery to the region. When the early territories were formed, their boundaries were designated along meridian and parallel lines. Beginning in the 1860s these lines were surveyed and marked. These early surveys included some errors, but even so the markers placed became the legal boundaries, superseding the written descriptions of geographical meridians and parallels. 

On the way to the Four Corners from Leadville, where they spent the night, they plan to visit The Dunes (lots of sand)  and Mesa Verde (Pueblo structures and thousands of archeological artifacts) National Parks. They spent yesterday resting in Leadville, which bills itself as the two-mile high city (Denver is only one mile high).  They told me they were tired and thought the thin air (lower oxygen content) was responsible.


Below are some of the photos of the Leadville municipality, and the girls, who managed to find coffee.

Local Watering Hole

Local Watering Hole

Local Oprera House

Local Oprera House

Local Coffee House

Local Coffee House


16 thoughts on “Headed out

  1. Leadville looks like an interesting place.
    How very typical to see both girls checking their phones over coffee. What would we do without our gadgets.


  2. Four corners is cool because you can get down on all fours and be in four states at the same time. Talk about multi-tasking.

    And yes, Leadville is the highest incorporated city in the U.S.


  3. We missed this the last time we were in the Southwest. Taking notes! Glad they are having such a nice trip. We felt the effects of thin air when we were in Santa Fe but adapted after a while.


    • The West is a big place. I tend to be a dip in and out kind of person these days, although I did much driving and train travel when I was younger,I like flying in my old age.

      I’ve been up on Pike’s Peak, but missed Leadville. On one trip, a fellow traveler and I ( a coworker) drove up into Wyoming, to Cheyenne, then back South again.

      I think my DIL helped Connie plan this trip. Richard and his family have visited almost every national park, some more than once.


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