Where in the world is San Diego, Connie?

Her name is Connie, she’s my daughter, and she’s headed to see her brother in San Diego. I think of her as Connie San Diego these days…as in where is she now?

She’s inspired me so much lately, I got bold this week and bought my plane ticket to San Diego.

I could have changed planes in Houston, Denver, or Chicago, but I chose the latter.  I’ve flown to and through Chicago many times.  The first time in 1967 on my way to Hawaii.

Chicago is only two hours away from Washington DC, for goodness sake, and one of my favorite cities. I love the nineteenth and twentieth century European Impressionist art and Art Deco architecture created by the Chicago school.

Once when I was there for a business meeting, a film about Elliott Ness and Al Capone opened at a downtown theatre in a neighborhood Al and his pals had frequented in the 1920s.

My grandfather, an engineer with the Chicago and North Western RR had the Chicago-Milwaukee run. I would have loved to ask him if he ever saw Al on one of his trips.


 Thirty years ago, I attended one of AT&T’s schools in Denver, before the stupid decision by a Democratic-appointed judge to break up the Bell System.

The breakup didn’t work, the parts began assembling themselves almost immediately.  It’s happened before, and it will happen again, one of my bosses at the telephone company predicted, just after the breakup.  He was right.  There are two big pieces now, Verizon and AT&T.

So, I’m traveling to San Diego via Chicago later this year, but I like to make my arrangements earlier rather than later. I figure this gives TSA time to check on my credentials. (Yes, I filled out a form and paid a 9-11 fee yesterday).


But where is Connie? Yesterday, the girls were headed into the mountains to hike.  I mentioned this to one of my bird pals in Denver, and all daylong she sent me messages warning of melting snow and avalanches and such.  I wasn’t too worried, however, I know my daughter is like me only better and she would be sensible.

Then I got a message they were off-roading, accompanied with photos.

Last night about 1:25 AM Connie’s husband rang (he’s home in VA) but the phone went dead. Immediately, I had visions of accidents and pain.

I sent a message to my oldest granddaughter who is with her mom, and she texted back that mom was trying to reach Bill.  Then Connie (mom) called me and asked if I had heard from Bill. I told her what had happened and that I was concerned about mountain hikes and mayhem.

She said they were all okay, so I rolled over and tried to go back to sleep, but soon the phone jingled again.  Connie had called her daughter Rita and asked her to check on Bill (he’s almost 60 and has health issues).  Bill was okay, he had fallen asleep and rolled over on his phone, which rang me.  (I am the dreaded MIL).

So, I woke 84-year old David and told him I was a wreck from worrying about things that had not happened. We talked a while then I finally went back to bed and to sleep. Connie says they are taking a down day today to rest.  I told you she was sensible.


Below, some photos from yesterday.IMG_0195IMG_0194IMG_0201IMG_0294IMG_0296IMG_0299IMG_0303IMG_0304

16 thoughts on “Where in the world is San Diego, Connie?

  1. That was scary. I would worry too. My nephew calls what happened to you “butt dialing”. These are such gorgeous photos. They are seeing some magnificent sights.

    I do love Chicago. When we’d tell people we were from Chicago, they’d give me that sympathetic look and say, “It’s so cold and windy there, isn’t it?” Well… yes, it is that sometimes. But there’s so much to do and see there too. I always look forward to going back to see all the familiar places and all the loving faces I still miss.

    Isn’t technology wonderful, that you can follow along on their journey?


  2. That episode with the phone was too funny. Doesn’t he have a land line phone on the night stand? I keep my cell phone in my purse and use it only for emergencies in my car. Sheesh. Everyone should do that, for Pete’s sake.
    PS. I have never been to Chicago.


  3. That”s not Sam Diego. 🙂 You go ahead and let her bring you over like last time. She inspected the house and the books, remember. I was thinking that perhaps she thought we were two peas in a pod minus the birds. Perhaps around 11. That gives her a chance to see that I won’t eat you. We can eat in Old Town and check out the store.

    Daughter Margot butt dials me all the time. Why not put the phones elsewhere? LOL


  4. Calls in at dark-thirty are always a little disconcerting in my house. Glad it was nothing. Great pictures. I had to look up the 10th Mountain Division, very interesting. Appartently someone is having a gathering up there over the Memorial Day weekend.


  5. Scary episode, Dianne. No one could help but worry with an unexplained 1:30 am phone call. I’ve heard of butt dialing but that’s the first I’ve heard of sleep dialing.

    Good pics. I remember being in the area out there where the 10th Mt. Div did there training for WWII. Pretty tough terrain.


    • Now that’s a nice bit of history. I knew the astronauts trained on a mountain top in Oahu, and the Marines in the desert near Pendleton, and the Navy bombarded a small island in Puerto Rico, and my ex trained the swamp in LA (likeVietnam) but did not know about the 10th Mt. Div.

      PS it was a butt dial, he rolled on it.


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