On the road again

All day yesterday, my phone beeped every few minutes.  Well, not that often, because they are covering some big states. However, the messages and photos came in like crazy in this modern age of telecommunication.  There were seven of us on the party line, so at times it was confusing.  My daughter was sending group messages and all of us were responding.  We told he to stay in touch every mile of the journey.

My daughter and two granddaughters are making a road trip from the East Coast to the West Coast, stopping in Denver to hook up with their oldest sister, then visit a few national parks before they head down to San Diego to visit uncle and brother, nephews and cousins.  Next they will drive the length of California before returning the rental car and heading home via plane from San Francisco.

Before I had a stroke eight years ago, I made these kinds of trips all over the US…all my life, beginning in the 1940s when I was a child, until the early part of this century.  Over fifty years of traversing the USA.  Sometimes it was by train, mostly it was by automobile, later by plane.  These days, it’s by plane most of the time.  The USA is a big country after all.

Below are some of the photos from yesterday when they left Charlottesville and headed west. I think I got them in the right order.  The river is the Ohio.  (follow the girl in the orange shirt)



IMG_0274 IMG_0272




11 thoughts on “On the road again

  1. Safe travels to your girls …. it is a big country and it is so good for the young ones to find thatout personally (just like their grandmother did). they look like they’re having fun. …. we love roadtrips and think we have one more in us. Hope so anyway. .


    • Good luck to you. At almost 85, David is road-tripped out. I got us lost the last time we visited my daughter, because I can’t drive and follow landmarks and road signs. Connie is using one of those fancy GPS systems.

      I often think an RV would be fun, but the couples I know who RV drive between two points, north and south every year. Apparently, drives west are special trips.

      Although they had traveled everywhere in the lower 48, friend Karen’s husband died at 77 of a brain tumor before they could make the trip to Alaska.

      I think the time to travel is when you are young and I hope this trip whets my granddaughters desire to see more of the US before they become creaky.


  2. How wonderful! I wish them happy traveling. Driving across the United States they will see some wonderful sights, as you well know by your own travels. The trip back and forth across the States last year was a blast, though I did have a few more aches and pains than when I had done it years before, ha! Still not ready to call it quits yet as hopefully I will have a few more years before crying Uncle. Right now I can’t wait to get back on the road again.


    • Good for you. Strike while the iron is hot! They have good roads so far. Among other places they will visit the Grand Canyon. Probably Estes National Park also. What always amazes me are the Western skies. Connie said she could hardly wait to see the night skies!


      • The night skies away from the lights are worth it by themselves. Hope they saw the last full moon from a less populated site.


      • They live out in rural Virginia, so their night sky is not as dim as downtown DC where I live. Nevertheless, the western skies are much clearer owing to lack of moisture compared with the East Coast and Pacific NW, where most of what clouds our night skies is evaporated moisture from the ground.


  3. Quite the road trip, I’m a little envious, I’m kind of past my major road trip days too, but it brings back fun times seeing their photos.


  4. Lovely! I have driven from San Francisco to Monterey, California, and taken the train from New York City to Washington, DC, but never cross country. I am not sure I have the patience for that, especially at my age. Lol.


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