Tuesday Tidbits

Three huge boxes arrived, just as I was about to move myself from armchair to kitchen for a tuna sandwich.  Although the weather channels are warning of flooding in our county, David decided to make a run to Subway, but first we had to drag the huge wet boxes into the house. Did I say it was raining?

As Arlington sits on the high ground above Washington, which lies on what was once a swamp along the Potomac River, I can’t see why the weather fellows are so concerned about flooding.  Unless it is the commuter route along the cemetery. Or, perhaps, it is the Four Mile Run which collects the water from our  numerous, now underground, convert contained streams, and dumps the water into the Potomac via Alexandria.

In the 1960s, the Four Mile Run, which carried boats and provided a spot for a grist mill along Arlington Mill Road in colonial days, flooded everything along its banks. Today the stream, redesigned by the Army Corps of Engineers and pretty much silted up from development along the beltway, provides a place for  apartment dwellers and others to  play. It sits in a flood control zone lined with trees and soccer fields, and includes picnic areas, dog parks, community gardens, our sewerage processing facility, and a bike/hike trail which passes under Route I-95. Arlington is nothing if not tidy thanks to its ‘Smart Growth’ county board.


Front porch in August 2013

Front porch in August 2013

So what’s in those boxes that arrived in the rain?  …annuals for my outdoor containers.  David bought several bags of potting soil on Sunday so we will be ready when the sun shines again.  I tend to plant the same flowers year after year, so I don’t become confused.  Besides, I mostly liked the way they looked in previous years.  I told David to get the least expensive bags of soil, but he brought home ‘Miracle Grow’ again which is too powerful for most of the plants.  Last year, several people told me I had the largest Coleus they had ever seen. Some of them were four feet tall or higher. David thought they looked great.  What is it about men and size anyway?


Yesterday, when Old John came by to measure the garden shed for a new roof, I asked him to sit down for a minute or two and talk with me because I wanted to ask him some questions about Celiac disease.  Kathy told me John’s wife Phoebe has had it for a couple of years, and I knew he had learned much about it. He shared much information with me, and said he would ask Phoebe to call me.  You will come to love rice noodles, he says.

I also bought a couple of books on the subject, including one by Elizabeth Hasselbeck, and called my physician’s office to arrange for my annual blood test at our local hospital which is 10 minutes away.  I mentioned my visit with the Gastroenterologist and asked if there wasn’t a blood test for the disease (I know there is).  I have scheduled the Endoscopy and Colonoscopy for June 4, but intend to be prepared for any news informing me of the worst…such as “no more Pepperidge Farm cookies for you.”  Quite frankly, from everything I am learning, I think there is a scale of severeness from 1-10.  Of course, the main issue for me is to raise my iron level to normal.  Hence, at the moment, I am the queen of iron tablets and Metamucil.

37 thoughts on “Tuesday Tidbits

  1. The plants are gorgeous!!

    I’ve had iron issues on and off for years. I did a special ‘iron’ diet a few years ago which was super effective. It worked better than any medication I had ever taken. It’s really simple: it’s about combing vitamin C and iron at the same time. So you have to eat food with a high iron content at the same time as eating/drinking food/juice with a high vitamin C content. The diet uses a points system depending on how much iron/vitamin C food contains. If you eat the iron source alone, your body only gets the iron ‘points’ but if you combine the two the vitamin C ‘points’ multiply and so you get a lot more iron. It is all to do with the fact that iron is often difficult for people to absorb from food and vitamin C helps the body absorb iron. I tried it and my iron levels were higher than they had ever been and I had no side effects at all. If I can find the web page I’ll forward it to you. But even without it you could just try good combinations that you know (like orange juice with breakfast).

    Hope you feel well soon.


  2. I didn’t know Miracle Grow potting soil was too strong. Our bonsai teacher told us Miracle Grow fertilizer was good for the little trees. Too much too learn. I hope everything turns out well for the testing, Dianne. Art just scheduled his colonoscopy too.


  3. Coeliac disease is no fun if it’s serious. I have a friend who practically lives on rice cakes, potatoes, meat and pears. I sincerely hope you will get off more lightly.

    Is it already time for annuals? We are expecting frost this weekend and I will have to bring all my geraniums saved from last summer back in. Perhaps that’ll be the end then and I can get down to filling tubs. I use few annuals in the garden, just geraniums from year to year. Apart from that, gardening is in full swing.


  4. RYN: “The Greater Journey,” David McCullough.
    So far nothing beats “Five days at Memorial” if one leaves off the forward. It’s useless.
    Just keep on keeping on.


  5. To control Bill’s T-2 Diabetes and to lose weight we have cut back on carbs but do not want to eliminate them entirely. I’ve found that the gluten-free stuff like rice noodles and rice crackers are tasty and satisfying without eating nearly as many/much of them as we would with the regular stuff (wheat based pasta for example). We eat a lot more squash and green veggies and salad now too. Hang in there.


  6. Raisins have a lot of iron as well as liver if you like it.Greens like Kale ,Mustard, Collards, Swiss Chard etc. do too.


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