One bag at a time

Helichrysum and Verbena (WFF photo, 2012)

Helichrysum and Verbena (WFF photo, 2012)

The past few days, I’ve managed to read about three pages of the McMeekin book.  I wasn’t checking Facebook or writing posts, so what was I doing?  I sat down last night and tried to remember.

Spring is in the air and I tend to get lost, spending hours in the garden.  I remembered I pulled weeds early in the morning and potted the plants that arrived yesterday (three more boxes are on the way, full of annuals for my various containers).

This morning, while I was in the garden, Kathy walked by with her dog Kaylee, and I tried to recall the names of the new plants: a bright orange-red Dahlia; a purple Verbena; a pomegranate-red Calibrachoa; and a lime Helichrysum.  I got the sun-loving assortment from White Flower Farm and placed it in a big Cretan pot next to driveway which becomes almost as hot as Crete in August.

Dahlias come from Mexico, and the Calibrochoa is a South American petunia. As it is mentioned in the Bible, I think Helichrysum must come from the Middle East, and Verbena is a long time Southern staple my Dad planted years ago. Not surprisingly WFF calls the collection Caliente, which means hot-hot-hot in Spanish.  When the plants are established and throw up a few blooms, I will take a photo.


The other thing I did yesterday was take Arabella, my South American Hahn’s Macaw, for her monthly beak trim at the Old Town Animal Hospital in Alexandria.  Because these birds are no longer taken from the wild, and Arabella is the product of inbreeding here in th States, she has a birth defect in that her beak over-grows and must be trimmed back each month.   While I was there Dr. MacClean also gave Baby, one of my African parrots, his annual exam and nail clipping.

The surgery was beautifully decked out with red geraniums, and because there is a huge skylight in the waiting room (Arabella flew into it last visit) and the sky was very blue, the place shone.

Surprisingly, Baby was very well-behaved and did not bite anyone.  Dr. MacClean is also excellent (and has great reflexes).  She said Baby’s feathers and beak were in great shape, and the rest of him was beautiful.  He’s almost 10 years old now, so that’s happy news.  My little guys won’t live as long as the large parrots, but my friend Lynn has a 33-year old Senegal parrot who has lived with her since she rescued him from a bad situation 32 years ago.


The other thing I did this week was see my gastroenterologist…again.  Because I have a bile reflux and an acid reflux issue, I see him more often that many people (like David who refuses to have an endoscopy or colonoscopy).

Now, Dr. H thinks I may have Celiac disease because I have iron-deficient anemia.  Oh great, now I have to learn how to eat Gluten-free foods.  Not yet, however.  I am scheduled for several tests over the next few months and I am supposed to continue to eat the same way I have been so I won’t mess up the tests.  However, I looked at my Shredded Wheat very differently this morning. Besides, me being me, I immediately began reading material on the subject including the blurb about Celiac disease on the Mayo Clinic site.

I told Doctor H I been on a diet and had lost 30 pounds. Over how long a period, he asked.  I told him two years.  And I’ve had blood tests every quarter.  As this deficiency showed up recently, he does not think it is my dieting.  Meanwhile he put me on iron to try to restore my iron level.

Once more, the realization of the delicate balance of the human body and all life for that matter, smacks me in the face. Awesome isn’t it!

PS and the reference to bags is for potting soil.


12 thoughts on “One bag at a time

  1. Does your iron deficiency make you feel bad? I often wonder about doctors and all the tests they run on people. I’m with David, I had one colonoscopy and refuse to have another. Not the procedure itself, but rather the prep for it. Nearly killed me.


  2. If you find out it’s Celiac get the book “Breaking the Vicious Cycle”. buy Elaine Gottschall. It really tells it like it is and has some good positive diet tips.


  3. You just sound wonderful….iron poor blood or spring time ignored.

    Question? I know a lot of folks in the city set off for the resorts in the mountains every summer. Great commedienes were grown from these resorts, What a training ground. Does all this have a name? My feeble brain has failed me on this.


    • We never go anywhere cool in summer, we like it hot. Winter almost did us in. David and I used to travel to Wisconsin almost every August, and some summers we went to Europe for a few weeks too. These days we visit places here in town with air conditioning.


  4. I would love to see your plants in bloom, so do take pictures of them. You probably spend a fortune on your pets. It was sad when my friend had to put her dog in the animal hospital due to pancreatitis. She has 3 Chihuahuas and actually cooks meals for them, as she doesn’t trust commercial dog food. Hope the extra iron cures your anemia. Take care, Dianne.


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