Pool talk

Somewhere out there is a $600 hearing aide.

Somewhere out there is a $600 hearing aide.

No, this post isn’t about talk over billiards or snooker, its about girl talk at the pool, where I feel like a fifth wheel.

Many of the gals say they would like to drop a few pounds, then launch into the latest recipe they made, their favorite pots and pans, or whether they cook with gas or electricity.  Did I mention they always serve crumpets and coffee afterwards? Somebody stops by Trader Joe or bakes some delicacy from scratch. This happens magically as I never hear anyone say, “Its my turn.” Because I am watching my diet, I don’t stop by the afterwards meeting place.

Or, they mention the book club on Thursday where they are reading a book I never heard of because I don’t read popular literature, or the Mah Jong game on Friday and how they would be happy to teach me how to play. When I tell them I’m reading books about WWI or combing through Civil War military service records, their eyes glaze over.

No, I don’t fit into my generation and never have.  About all I have in common with most of them these days are aches and pains.  The few women I enjoy talking with are a serious lot, former Latin or math teachers, or the now retired  county librarian.  And they buzz off afterwards too.

I used to enjoy taking with Sue, “the DAR lady” as BJ calls her.  She works at the National Archives as a volunteer cataloging Revolutionary War records.  I bet she could help me with my family tree. But Sue is in her 80s now and moved into a local retirement community.  She doesn’t come to our pool anymore.  They have their own pool and our instructor also teaches at the retirement house.


Sheila, who grew up in New York City and is very direct, says to me this morning, “So do you enjoy your relationship with your husband?”  Taken aback, I laughed at her and said, “Yes.” I get annoyed with him because he’s hearing impaired (actually, I said “deaf” but that’s not politically correct) and I have to repeat everything 5 times, but yes, we get along well.  Then I tell her how he lost his $600 hearing aid in the park last week, and every one of my 7 parrots says “What?”  All day long, it’s “what, what, what.”  Although I have the odd urge to throttle him after I repeat something six times and then he accuses me of yelling at him, I think we have a pretty good relationship.

Of course, David would say we get along because he does everything I want him to do.  While there’s more than an element of truth in that statement, he doesn’t do everything I want. Besides, I think someone has to lead, don’t you?

I test David occasionally and ask him what he wants,  He responds with, you tell me what you want.  So I do. These days, after I ask him a hundred times to do the same thing and he doesn’t, I hire someone to help me. Old John, who has been doing some handyman work for us does a good job, but David did precision work…which is probably why so many projects were half finished.

The past week, he was feeling lonely probably because I spend so much time doing things solo, and he finally took both of his computers to the shop. Before he retired, David worked for PTO approving patents on computer parts and even built a couple of them for family members back in the 1980s.  He can’t do that anymore because computers are so sophisticated, and he misses it.

Now that he has his computers home, he is learning all over again how to connect to our FIOS system and the Internet, which he has difficulty understanding, partly because he can’t hear well, and party because he forgot something or other.

18 thoughts on “Pool talk

  1. Over here, I’m the 5th wheel when the ladies are talking about Korean dramas that they are all hooked on. It’s amazing how many people are glued to Korean drama TV. I know I would be if I gave in and watched. But I refuse. I can’t do that and keep up with blogging as well.


    • I know about those Korean soap operas because the couple who run the coffee shop in my doctor’ medical building always have the TV in the shop on and tuned to one. They are usually watching one when I come into order a tuna fish plate.


  2. Most everybody here at “Camp Sunset for Seniors” is at least on Facebook and I had a neighbor 10 years older than I am teaching me the ins and outs of my smart phone … but nobody blogs. Except me. That’s OK though…. I have bloggy friends to talk to and we talk about different things than what my non-virtual friends talk about. I enjoy both though!


  3. I used to take water aerobics but got very bored after a while. We only went so far and I got tired of doing the same old routine. We could have moved on but that meant going into the deep end and I don’t swim very well, so that one was on me. My son and his wife have a book club every month and invited friends originally, and they invited friends. They have on average of about 20 people in their small apartment. No rabble-rousing book lovers there so I don’t think the neighbors mind too much.


  4. I read that last note, and see that a bit of reality has crept into the pool ladies lives.
    Yes, our ladies don’t talk about books read either. I don’t think many read. I don’t think they do facebook either. I put the albums from the trip up there. Could I get one friend to see them? Nope, she doesn’t do facebook. LOL

    Did david find his hearing aid. Here I am the one who can’t hear over the roaring in my ears. Hip doing well, knee well too. No brain tho. Still reading all the white house books I can find. I do love architectural history even if politically tinged.


    • No,we will have to buy another one.. He has an old clunky one he outfitted today with a new battery

      . I explained to a woman today that she could read the Manchester Guardian online via a subscription from Amazon. (She is from Manchester). I amazed when people younger than me are less computer literate.


  5. I no longer drive since a stroke and I find it difficult to keep involved with friends from my former work place. I am fortunate to have a sister-in-law who lives near and is a great friend, a new and now dear friend who volunteered to walk with me after my stroke, and a church that is filled with a diverse throng of people who are friendly, interesting and encouraging. And my husband is still my best friend, although these days we are both not hearing everything we say to each other.


  6. Do they ever talk about the kids and grandkids at the pool? Big topic at my watering hole. Seems like no one’s kids/grandkids ever get into trouble – they all are smart, talented, get scholarships, make oodles of money, etc. Those with regular kids/grandkids – or those with real problems – cringe and never say a word.


    • Being mostly upper middle class and liberal parents, they mostly have amazing kids who look after them in every way. If they don’t, they say nothing. However one woman told me her recently divorced and down on her luck daughter was moving into the retirement home along with her wealthy parents. And bringing her cat. The drug abusing grandson was now out on his own..whatever that meant.


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