The boys of summer

Yes, its only April, but we’ve been running the AC all week.  Some of my tulips are blooming, but the peonies have barely emerged.  If the weather continues to warm, before long we will be wishing we had winter again. It’s true, you can please all of the people some of the time and some of the people all of the time, but you can’t please all of the people all of the time. Did Will Rogers say that?

Young John the gardener sent me some photos of his visit to the Tidal Basin last night where cherry trees are peaking. Below are some of his photos.  David said, how’d he do that, referring to his shots from within the trees.  Knowing John he scampered up a tree before the Park Police could get him.  You’re not supposed to do that of course.  image.jpgIMG_0119

Looking west toward the Arlington Ridge.

Looking west toward the Arlington Ridge.


Meanwhile, my DIL posted some photos of my magnificent grandson Jacob at his favorite sport. He is small but can slug the ball out of the park.  He plays short stop and hit two home runs at his last game (only one the week before, but it was a grand slam).  He’s a freshman in high school.  Remember when you could play ball like this. I do.  Its in the genes I think.

IMG_0122IMG_0124 IMG_0126

24 thoughts on “The boys of summer

  1. Well, shucks. We ran the furnace the last few days. But I did take the cover off the AC on one somewhat spring-like day. Jacob’s stance at the plate clearly shows he is a power hitter. Hope you meant to say he could hit left-handed; switch-hilling ability is an big advantage.


  2. I love the photos of the blossom framing the lake and the monument. And as for playing “ball” – it makes we long for the days when I could whack a ball myself. Blessings from Dalamory


  3. That young man has greatest written all over him. And yes, I remember my days as a ballplayer. Hard to believe since I now barely get out of bed without help.


  4. Great action shots of the young man – ‘lovely’ ones of the blossoms that will keep you going till summer really does arrive.
    I’ve posted something I think you will enjoy – come over and have a look when you have a minute to spare


  5. Your daughter-in-law’s photos of your grandson are great. I also loved young John’s photos of the cherry trees. We were in DC today to attend a ceremony at the naval memorial with 93 year old father-in-law. The traffic was horrendous but fortunately we took a left instead of a right, drove several miles out of our way to get around the jam, and headed home. That way we had another nice sight-seeing tour while moving along steadily. If we had gone right we would probably have still been there!


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