City life and the EPA

My son Richard

My son Richard

We accomplished a lot yesterday.  I use the term we loosely. What I mean is I paid several people to do a lot of work.  As a result, our house was as busy as Grand central station.

First we dropped the dogs at their vet’s office for a teeth cleaning where they remained all day.

Old John came early and installed the new dog proof screen doors (recycled or sustainably grown).  Dog proof means they are re-enforced with rabbit wire at the bottom so when kids or dogs push them open, they won’t rip out the screens. Also, rabbits can’t enter.  John mended a few other things while he was here, but mostly he sat on the bench with David who told him about his life as a boy in Narva Estonia, stories even I had never heard.

While David and John worked and gabbed, a landscaping firm took out a Maple tree behind our house in an adjoining yard.  Fortunately, I did not have to pay for the removal, but I had suggested to the landlord next door, the tree be removed as it was a safety hazard. (David says folks listen to me). By the end of the day, the whole tree had disappeared.

Next came Ken the HVAC guy.  We are alternatively running the heat and air conditioning here and needed the annual spring checkup.   Ken very kindly waited in his truck, eating his lunch while David ran to Home Depot for new filters. (Buy extra ones, Ken told him.) We trap down, hairs and feathers like crazy, and these filters must be changed often.  Ken also tops up the system with whatever coolant the EPA allows these days.

Next came Claudio, the pest control guy to check the termite stations and refill the bait stations (safe for dogs and birds of prey, bad for city rats and mice). He also makes a sweep of the house for ants and other noxious insects (safe for butterflies).  All Claudio’s chemicals are EPA regulated.

At 2:00, Ines and her cracker jack crew and their EPA approved ‘green’ cleaning products arrived to clear the mess left in the house by all of us.  While Ines was here, I worked outside, and unburied the plants Young John had covered with superfine mulch (recycled wood particles) and swept up the debris Old John had shaved from the screen doors.

At 5:00 we retrieved the dogs from the vet’s office.  Kay (our dog vet) told us that  Johnny lost one tooth and Clare two as a result of their dental visit.  And, yes, my vet’s office uses EPA approved products.

Later, my oldest son Richard, who has been attending a course at the Washington DC Navy Yard this week, arrived to tell us goodbye. His flight was this morning.   (sniff.)  I won’t see him again until late October (Halloween weekend).  He asked me if I wanted to take Sean trick or treating.  IMG_0213

19 thoughts on “City life and the EPA

  1. What a day! Tires me out just to read it. Your son is a handsome young man! October isn’t all that long (I’m away from my kids for too many months (by choice) but I know how you feel…I miss mine too.

    I absolutely love your new virtual wallpaper.


  2. Well, it was a busy day – but having it all done at the same time means you don’t have them coming in for days on end. I much prefer it that way myself.

    Now house and yard are spick-and-span you can relax and enjoy the fruits of your/their labours.

    Your son is very handsome.


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