Saturday pouporri

The look bedraggled, but these Gardenia buds survived the winter.

The look bedraggled, but these Camilla buds survived the winter.

Sunny here today and young John the Gardener is coming over.  Hopefully we will finish cleaning the beds.  I’ve done what I could this week, which is pathetic.  I removed the most offensive weeds before they went to seed, but many more lie in wait.  Oh I love gardening (she says with tongue in cheek…like Margaret Rutherford, aka Miss Marple).


Meanwhile I saw my osteopathic surgeon yesterday and received a shot of cortisone in the bursa of my right hip.  Hopefully, this will help with some of the pain in my leg.  Dr. M says the pain may be coming from my sciatic nerve because my back suffers with spinal stenosis or arthritis of the spine.  You may have to see Dr. H again, he says (H is M’s partner and specializes in backs).

While I’m sitting in the waiting room for three hours, I entertain myself, reading and watching the other visitors. A beautiful and young blonde woman hobbles into the waiting room on crutches and with a bandaged foot. Asked about her health insurance, she says loudly to the desk attendant…I’m on Obamacare and I have no idea.  Another young woman walks up to her and says loudly, “Obamacare is awful.”

The first young woman sits next to me and I ask her about her experience with Obamacare.  She says, “I had health insurance I loved with Care First (my company), but lost it with Obamacare.  Now I have nothing.”  I suggest she contact the insurance company directly and see what she can work out.  You will probably have to pay more for better coverage, I tell her….she smirks at me.


So what keeps me so engrossed in reading while I sit in the doctor’s waiting room?  Why it’s Sean McMeekin’s new book, The Russian Origins of the First World War.   McMeekin explains why he thinks most books about WWI, including Barbara Tuchman’s Pulitzer prize-winning Guns of August are wrong about the cause.

I’m only 10 percent into my April book on WWI, so I have no opinion at present.  However, it is interesting that the push south toward Constantinople (Istanbul today) 100 years ago, through the same areas recently invaded by Russia, that ignited the third Balkan War (WWI) have not received more attention by historians.

McMeekin says nations (like Germany) don’t go to war over the assassination of a prince in a client state.  Other things like access to warm water ports (or oil) matter more (like the First Iraq War in modern times?).  In other words, follow the money.  Ports = Commerce = Food; Oil = Commerce = Food.  Like it or not, in the end, most decisions are economic.



11 thoughts on “Saturday pouporri

    • Bizarre your niece could not get coverage. My daughter and two granddaughters are as thematic and have coverage. Is it a New York State issue? The unfortunate thing about Ocare is that many people lost insurance they liked. That others gained is not
      a comfort.


      • No they live in New Jersey and were turned down for any coverage after she was taken off her father’s plan. The plans that people had that were cheap had little coverage and no coverage for screening tests. I think that Obamacare brought our country a little closer to other industrialized countries that have coverage. The cost of uninsured and underinsured people is tremendous when they show up in an ER lacking the neccessary care before hand. Our inmates in federal care get better medical care than poor uninsured people. That can’t be, yet it is. We pay now or we pay in an ER. But I support Obamacare obviously.


  1. Even if her insurance company canceled her policy, no one was stopping her from doing some research and getting a new policy. Don’t think we’re getting the whole story there. As for men starting all wars … Margaret Thatcher and the Falkland Islands? Golda Meir and the Yom Kippur War?


    • Re Obamacare. Her story is familiar. She knows a new policy will cost more, I’m sure. Many youngsters are disappointed.

      Re men and wars. Well mostly it’s men. You forgot QE2, Bodicea, Matilda, Eleanor of Aquitaine (Henry I), Queen Anne, Catherine the Great, and others.


  2. the camellias here are done for the year, it’s roses and azaleas now. Sorry about your stenosis. I have it in my neck but with exercise, so far so good. However, if I miss a couple of days, then my fingers start to go numb again.


  3. It’s too bad you are still in pain and I hope something can be done about it. David had back surgery in 1978 and immediately had some relief. Now, he has pain in his knees and hips. More surgery! When will it end?
    As for Obamacare, well, it’s better than no insurance for some people.
    Notice how all wars are started by men? They have nothing better to do.


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