All’s right with the world

A morning in June two years ago.

A morning in June four years ago.

Spring has arrived with a jolt of sunshine and I have been working in my garden the past few days.  I’m happy young John did not complete the edging along the bed next to the bench. This morning, I discovered the red protrusions of Solomon’s Seal stems he would surely have destroyed. Sunday, I pointed out to him that he had dropped timbers on emerging Fritillaria and stepped on a couple of species tulips. The moral of this story is I can teach him how to become a ‘real’ gardener. The good news is, he is an appreciative student. Book learning and degrees do not a gardener make. Neither does the so-called Master Gardener program.

Polygonatum or Solomon’s Seal produces an indistinct flower to the uncomprehending eye, but beautiful foliage and one of the few plants that thrive under the Black Walnut that shades our bench in summer.  In the old photo above (enlarge with a click), the Polygonatum is the green and white foliage in the bed to the left.  After it fully emerges, I will take a few more shots.


This morning I had yet another blood draw…my doc thinks I am anemic and have low iron.  I ate spinach Sunday evening, hoping it would “fix” the problem.  One of the downsides of losing weight is the constant struggle to eat healthfully and still lose.  I certainly have enough cookbooks to make some nice meals.  And I constantly clip them from various sources.  While sitting in the Podiatrist’s office, I found a great recipe for apricot chicken in a recent People magazine.  I don’t know if chicken has much iron in it, however.

Problem is, excepting chicken and fish, I am at the cusp of becoming a vegetarian, although I think ovo-lacto is as far as I could go.  As one of my vegetarian friends, who eats lots of beans says, “Nothing with a face.”  As far as I know eggs and milk are faceless, if you buy/eat humanely treated animals.

Another issue is David, who is pre-diabetic, and must eat like he is diabetic, with the hope a better diet will retard the maturity-onset or age-related version of the disease.

Friday, I see the bone doctor about my knee, which improved a bit the past few days as I enjoyed the sun in my garden…proving movement is good if I do it in moderation.  Problem is the red patch on my hand is acting up, no doubt irritated by exposure to sunlight, and looks suspiciously like another basal cell carcinoma (cancer).  So it’s back to the dermatologist on Monday.  Kids remember to wear you sun screen!!


Yesterday, Johnny broke out just as Kathy was coming down the street carrying two bags of groceries and her heavy purse.  She caught him then handed me the dog and David a package of Matzo crackers.  I call them crackers.  I am not sure what to do with them. I know the story of the unleavened bread, but they look like super-sized crackers to me, so I fixed him some clam and corn chowder and told him to eat the Matzos with them. With the arrival of Passover and Easter, you know spring is here.

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15 thoughts on “All’s right with the world

  1. I’m looking forward to the milder days coming up through Autumn, early Winter when I will enjoy being out in the warm sun to garden. The summer months and me don’t agree …


  2. It’s lovely to see photos of your garden. Ours is so damp and Highland, but it is wonderful when the three months of summer come.
    Blessings from Dalamory


  3. Beautiful garden. Best wishes on coping with various dietary needs, It can be daunting. Kudos on your persistence and creativity.


  4. I too love the delicate polygonatum; when the long spikes come up I know it’s time to begin looking forward to all the rest of the treasures. My two gardeners complement each other: one is a hard worker, the other knows about plants. One tramples and stomps, the other preserves delicately. If I can keep each to their own I’ll be fine for as long as it lasts.

    We too keep endless doctor’s appointments and tests. As long as the tests reveal no major troubles, all is well. We rattle with pills and potions.


  5. Back in the old days they would say eat more red meat but of course we know that has its own issues. I think my mother-in-law was told to drink lots of Guinness and she was only around 14 years of age, maybe a little younger. Anyhow Diane, I hope your low iron sorts itself out. Your garden looks lovely in this picture. The first time I saw Solomon’s Seal was in one of our local gardens. I fell in love with it on the spot with its tiny little flowers and beautiful foliage.


    • Thanks Carver. I’ve been anemic before and got better so I believe I will get better this time too. As for the skin cancers, they are more annoyance than anything else. Paying the price now for hours spent in the sunshine when I was younger. Also, I must remember to wear sunscreen when I’m outside.


  6. I admire your perseverance. The last time I was declared anemic, I had a hemoglobin of 7. I was given 2 blood transfusions. Take care of that skin of yours, too.


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