Here a John, there a John

Mucky here today. Rain, rain rain.  If it were snow we would be in big trouble. Yesterday, young John the gardener worked on the raised beds and borders in my gardens out back.  He replaced worn timbers installed by David years ago, uprighted and stabilized trellises, and transplanted a couple of Helleborus.  Amazing given it rained all day.  He was here for a while this morning for tool retrieval and cleanup. He’s an educated, bright and energetic young fellow, but he can learn a lot from me, I think…like clean and retrieve your tools and store my tools in the garden shed.  Young John says he’s coming back early next week to finish mulching and replace stones in the walkway.  He has much to do, the bad weather this winter delayed everything.

I stood outside with John while Johnny my dog muddied himself pretending to pee, then left black, muddy paw prints on my khaki pants legs.  Johnny (a hound at heart), is delighted with the muck. I won’t take photos of the garden improvements until the sun is shining again. Given the rain, in a week or so everything will be popping.  Meanwhile the local paper is running photos of Cherry blossoms past.  The early bloomers have begun opening around the Tidal basin, but the peak is a week away.


Old John says he will come out on Thursday and begin the home repairs, starting with the lamp over the staircase which a previous handyman broke. He will also repair the folding door (used as a chew toy by my parrots) between the former dining room (now bird room) and kitchen, and take the screen door from the back porch home to repair in his basement shop. The screen popped lose from Johnny pressing his nose on the door to open it).

Meanwhile, David cemented the loose tiles in the shower (dried out from years of heating and cooling the house). Given my hip and knee situation, I am leery of my tub for now, so we both use his shower.

David hates it that he can’t do everything he did to keep the house repaired, but he’s fairly stiff these days, making problems in confined or high places verboten.  When my pot plants arrive in a week or so, he will tell me he’s afraid to get on a ladder to hang them. Another task for Young John I think.

What I grew with sunlight

What I grew with sunlight

Screen door in happier times

Screen door in happier times

I think this was a Fuchsia

I think this was a Fuchsia



14 thoughts on “Here a John, there a John

  1. Your back yard looks lovely with those pretty blooms. I’d love to have a Young John and Old John for helping with some repairs. Good handymen are hard to find. We could do with one for a few things around here. I am always on the look out. Good to see the sun shining this morning.


  2. We had our roof replaced because Terry no longer wants to climb up there and replace shingles. The wood roof was 40 years old, too. We had gotten our money’s worth out of it. Now, if this roof lasts 40 years, someone else will get our money’s worth!

    I have been digging in the backyard, planting a few things. It seems to take a lot more time than it used to. Glad you are getting help with all of your tasks.


  3. Goodness Dianne, you had me worried for a minute. I thought this post was about a different topic altogether! In America is a ‘John’ not the name of a little room! 😆

    Stay off the ladders, both of you and take care!


  4. I discarded my Impatiens plant, because it was shedding leaves and dead blossoms all over the patio table and floor. Ugh. The next time we buy a plant will be just prior to our next party and it won’t be a shedder.


  5. It is frustrating when you can’t do what you used to be able to do. My body doesn’t bend the way it used to, either. Plus, my fine motor skills aren’t as good, but that doesn’t matter since I can’t see what I’m doing anyway. I’ve come to accept the fact that home repairs are a young man’s game. In any case, whatever you do, tell him to stay off the ladders!


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