Get up and Go

IMG_0092Spring has arrived. I am sneezing like crazy as the flowers emerge and bloom. Washington is gearing up for the big Cherry blossom festival, so traffic is more awful than usual. Going and coming to the pool, I get caught in the morning rush as commuters return from their midwinter vacations, and tourists begin to flock.

This past week, when I saw my podiatrist (the most miserable man in the area), he asked if we were taking a holiday this summer, which surprised me as winter is barely gone.  Actually he said, “are you getting away.”  I told him we are retired, so we’re always away. (With the fairies, most likely, I thought of David.)

Friday the pool had been over chlorinated, and the life guard had drained half the water away, and refilled with cold water. The first person to arrive in the arthritis water aerobics class, I suggested to him he might want to add hot water to the pool.  He said, ‘Oh yeah’, and dragged a hose out of a closet and connected it to the hot water faucet!

After class we all jumped out of the still too cold pool and into the hot tub, filled with its own chemicals…bromine perhaps?  As a result of jumping from one chemical bath into another, one of my nice new suits is a partially faded two-toned sickly blue. Now I will look like all the other girls who wear suits so worn and faded they reveal flabby cheeks and butt cracks.  We are mostly widows, or live with very old husbands with fading eyesight, and I wonder, after a certain age, does anyone care about anything other than bodily comfort?

The discussion in the locker room, where frightful looking naked bodies converge to reveal the decades of scars collected from joint replacements, appendix removals and C-sections, is how to remove the underwires from swim tops to make them more comfortable. No girdles and underwire bras for us thank you very much.  Meanwhile, those sleek younger bodies glide across the locker room floor oblivious of what lies ahead.

The good news for me is the coverall I could not shut a year ago, now reaches around my still too chubby girth, and I can zip it closed.  This matters because to reach the locker room, one must pass through the main area, past the non-pool users, like fat guys stumbling off the tennis courts who wouldn’t be caught dead in a pair of swim trunks, but imagine they have bodies like Charles Atlas.

     I’ve got everything I had 20 years ago, its just six inches lower. ~Gypsy Rose Lee


25 thoughts on “Get up and Go

  1. I thoroughly agree with the idea of being comfortable no matter where you are. One of the reasons I find swimming difficult is the cold – the pools here in the UK tend towards the Spartan. Every Blessing from Dalamory


  2. RYN: Thanks for the reminder that I own it. I don’t use it much because it is so heavy. A small, light paperback is preferable. So when are you having the knees done?


  3. Too funny — from top to bottom. I give you credit. I am too lazy to swim in the ocean or the pool — and I live in Hawaii. I prefer to dance the hula once a week — all dressed up in my long muumuu.


  4. Yea for your weight loss. I have a “pool” suit too, faded and hanging together droopily. The first time I used a really old suit that had only been to the beach. It got couldn’t take the chlorine and it bagged, drooped and nearly sagged to my knees before I could get out and back into my cover-up and sprint to the dressing room.


  5. And the six inches Gypsy Rose Lee mentioned happens regardless of how little there is available to make that migration south. That’s not what I had in mind when I looked forward to travel after retirement


  6. Oh, that’s us too. Right down to the cold water and the too much chlorine. Swim suits at Costco are 20 bucks. I have a drawer full to cover chlorine emergencies and other bodily failures. LOL Last time our heater took a dump like that, they closed the pool. When it wouldn’t run up to temp, they ran the water through the hot tub heater. Al is so funny.
    So are we, I guess.


  7. It’s fun at our pool – one lady has been making towelling ‘ coveralls’ for her class. Very large very basic like a caftan – hides a whole range of ‘secrets’. In the brightest colours available they laugh and giggle their way back to the change rooms like a flock of rosellas. Fun to watch them – there’s a limit to the numbers in that class so I’m annoyed I can’t join them but have to go another day.


      • Now I’m going to tease you by saying they have been known to frequent our backyard. We occasionally see the little multi coloured Eastern Rosella as well as the red/blue Crimson Rosella. They are so eye catching we tend to ‘stop and stare’ when they come to visit.


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