Sunday in the park

Yesterday, I had a nice surprise.  My daughter Connie and granddaughters Joy and Amelia drove up from the countryside to visit.  With hospitalizations, death in the family and weather, I had not seen them in a while, and as you might expect, they were full of news.

Joy has a new calf to raise at the farm where she works summers and on school breaks (she is on spring break at the moment) from Virginia Tech where she is in the agriculture program.

Amelia is getting her graduate degree in Earth Science at the University of Virgina.  She says she taught her first classes on the water cycle at a local high school this past week.  We had much to talk about because I had not seen her in a year, and Amelia like me, is an avid reader and interested in science and religion.  In fact as it turns out, we have both taken graduate courses on the Reformation Era and History of Science. And while I read about WWI this spring, she is reading about theology.

Joy's new calf.  Alas, a bull and destined for the dinner table.

Joy’s new calf. Alas, a bull and destined for the dinner table.

Connie says she will take part of her inheritance from her dad and travel West with two of her girls, visiting a few of the national Parks, stopping in Denver to see her stepdaughter Sarah and driving over the Continental Divide to California where she will link up with her brother Richard in San Diego.  She has never been West she says, although she has been West and I have the photos to prove it, ha ha.

Highway in old new York State (posted by Arlene).

Highway in old new York State (posted by Arlene).

Her brother told her, “Now you will see why I don’t want to move back to the East Coast.”  Oh yes, California is beautiful.  I have a dozen relatives from both sides of the family living in California.  I loved it when I lived in California all those years ago. But spring is coming to Virginia. When I lived in California I was homesick for the East Coast and its beautiful springtime. Perhaps I must suffer through summer and winter to have the joy of spring and fall?


IMG_0091Instead of the usual 1-2 pounds, I lost three pounds this week and my Weight Watchers APP told me to be sure to ‘lose weight the healthy way.’  In a week, if I haven’t bounced back to the heavier weight of a week ago (again), I will believe the loss is real.  If this current weight is accurate, I am now within 12 pounds of my goal.  I intend to lose more pounds beyond the basic goal, but I set the first goal about halfway so as to not discourage myself.  Just as well if I am facing another joint surgery.


Beautiful and sunny here with the snow gone and tree buds swelling.  Young John came out yesterday and cleared out the deadwood on the Hornbeam and Viburnum.  Signs of bulbs everywhere.  David doesn’t know it but he’s taking me out to a park or nursery today.

17 thoughts on “Sunday in the park

  1. Awww, the calf is too cute to end up on a plate! Congrats on your weight goal. I met mine three or four years ago and work very hard to maintain it. Sometimes it’s not easy, especially living in Cajun country.


    • We might have crossed paths in San Francisco. I was there en route to Hawaii. Connie and the girls will travel up the coast to San Francisco from San Diego. They are planning on visiting the missions. Also Wendy’s mom and sister live in northern CA.


  2. How lovely to have your daughter and granddaughters visit. As for the pounds, congratulations. I am doing my best to follow suit. Thanks for stopping by. The pictures are a little different because I was having trouble with placement and for some reason the cyber gremlins wouldn’t let me do what I wanted to do. It was either leave it the way it was or delete the post and do it all over again and I don’t have the time to do that lately. Have a great week!


  3. Oh, what fun that visit was. Was she too young to remember? Yes, you can come visit your son and friends next winter when we are wallowing in sun again. Glad you lost those pounds; you inspire me. Have fun shopping she says waving at you.. 🙂


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