Greeting from Snowville

Created by a fellow in MD and appearing on Facebook yesterday.

Created by a fellow in MD and appearing on Facebook yesterday.

No the photo above isn’t mine, I found it on Facebook and could not resist copying it.  Amazingly, the storm has come and gone, and appears to be inundating the southeast this afternoon.  The neighbor boy took a broom and cleaned off our car this morning.  Ruts in the street tell me other cars are moving around.  As I am having some pain in my jaw, I hope to be able to reach the dentist’s office tomorrow…and hope he can reach his office too.

Despite being semi-trapped in our warm cozy home, we ventured out, mostly to fill bird feeders….three times.  A dove at one feeder appeared to have a tail in disarray, after an apparent hawk attack.   Yes, we have hawks and owls too, they tend to hang around bird feeders for easy pickings.

I found a song sparrow fastened to one of the suet feeders.  Somehow she had become entangled in the ‘squirrel-proof cage’ surrounding the feeder and was hanging by one leg, flapping helplessly.  I carried her and the feeder to the porch, removed her foot from the cage (it felt stiff and frozen), and she squirmed away under the table where she sat for a moment then fell over.  Given it’s 19 degrees here and dropping (to 9 degrees tonite), I figured she would freeze to death.

But David kept checking on her, and when he found she had “come back to life” and was hopping around under chairs and the chaise, he propped the door open.  He was trying to find her when I stepped outside. I saw her take off for one of the Viburnum shrubs and David expressed great joy.  In recent months he has become an avid bird fan.  The birds now recognize him in his bright red tartan hat and lite on the feeders as soon as he hangs them.


Are you addicted to games on your electronic equipment?  Every time I check on my sister’s Facebook page she has about six games going.  I don’t do these games, preferring to play Solitaire, or Monopoly and Scrabble against the computer.  When he saw me playing Monopoly the other week, my SIL asked me if I ever won. “All the time,” I told him.

I love beating the computer. No matter what the “experts” say, I have never believed computers could outfox humans.  For one thing, humans are creative and computers rely on predictable human behavior.  In other words, computers use human habits for trickery.  Humans are also somewhat deceitful.  The algorithms the computer stores are based on patterns detected in human behavior associated with psychological profiles and social mores…probably by operations research specialists like my old boss.

Businesses also use these methods for marketing research.  Operations research has been around a long time..we used it several decades ago at the telecommunications company where I worked.  As long as folks don’t vary their behavior too much it works fine.


So far, I think the book I am reading for March about WWI, The Sleepwalkers, by Christopher Clark (complete citation and link below in Good-reads “currently reading” block), is better than the MacMillan book I read in February, and I really liked the MacMillan book…an objective bit of history I thought at the time.  Clark’s history fills in much detail about the political machinations among and between European powers from the 1870s forward to the outbreak of war in 1914 and I am unable to detect a bias, left or right.  And yes, I love reading about human behavior from an unbiased viewpoint.

Look what we found in the snow!!

Look what we found in the snow!! (baby polar bear, Facebook)


19 thoughts on “Greeting from Snowville

  1. I love the buried snowman and the hand… People get very creative with snow and ice. I play Spider Solitaire when I’m waiting for something to load … thereby letting you know that I have an old computer and the DSL is very slow.


  2. We have one game (called Snood) downloaded to the PC and that seems to be it – apart from solitaire and the others that are already installed. I used to scoff at the kids and their games and then one day realised I spent an awful lot of time on this one – only difference was it was not on the phone or a tablet. Lesson learnt lol


  3. You know you are in serious pain when you hope you can go to the dentist. Hope it gets better after you go. You are having such a bad winter. Glad for the happy ending for the little bird……

    I play Words With Friends…I play in the morning while I have my first cup of coffee before breakfast and then don’t let myself even look at it again all day.


  4. Love that snow picture! That was really creative, whoever thought of it. I’m glad the bird was all right.

    Several of my friends and relatives are really into Candy Crush. Addicted, I’d say. I can’t play games on my iPhone because I can barely keep up with my blog.


  5. I wish I could lose myself in games – but then when would I find time! I love the giant trapped in the snow. First of all I saw the hand on its own and felt freaked out. When I realised the head was there as well it didn’t seem so bad.
    Blessings from Dalamaory


  6. Loved the pix, the account of David’s new relationship with the birds and your and David’s bird rescue. I’ll be cheering you and your dentist on in your driving. Even cozy nests can lose appeal when pain strikes. I. too, stay out of the kitchen.


  7. Great outcome on the injured bird! There were a couple of squirrel-proof feeders I almost bought on Amazon, but when I read reviews that some can cause injury to birds I decided against those. Hope your jaw pain can be relieved soon! That’s gotta be miserable.


  8. Is that real?

    Yes, Google the Queen Mary. The Long Beach Art Museum is right on the bay’s edge where you can see the Queen in the distance. The cafe is next to the museum in a marvelous old house. And the food is good. 🙂


  9. Very nice photos. I am glad you and David enjoy feeding and seeing the birds. Here in Hawaii, feeding the pigeons is discouraged, because the poop is considered a health hazard.


    • That’s funny. I don’t particularly like pigeons. Although messy, their poop is not dangerous to humans. (Living with parrots, I am an expert on bird poop.)

      Birds are not mammals like dogs and cats whose poop contains pathogens dangerous to humans (and birds). Cat poop is especially dangerous.


  10. I’m glad the little bird recovered, I always feel so bad for them in this kind of weather, so keep the feeders filled regularly. Hope you can get to your dentist tomorrow. I love playing scrabble on the computer, and I also have a jigsaw puzzle I have enjoyed, though I have become a little tired with that one for the moment. Cute photos of that unusual snowman and the little polar bear.


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