Sunday thoughts big and little.

Except for walking hospital corridors, I got little exercise this past week.  My lack led to the thought of getting outside today.  But…can you believe it…another storm is headed our way. The rain clouds recently departed from California are supposed to arrive here this evening and collide with the cold arctic air from Canada creating a wintry mix and traffic mess.  I have a simple request, could you guys stop sending us this stuff? Pleeze…..


IMG_0052Given I will face a knee-joint replacement this summer, I hope I can carry out my plans to visit CA in the fall.  Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about my grandsons Jacob and Sean.  Jacob is a Freshman in High School and now 14.  Goodness he grew up fast.

I wish they lived closer, California is so far away.   They lived in Europe (Spain and England) for several years, and then they moved to California about ten years ago.  And, that doesn’t count all the places Richard was stationed with the Navy before he married and had children.  He’s almost as footloose as my father, but unlike my dad, Richard has kept a steady job for the past 30 years or so. He tells me he’s almost ready to call it a day, but with kids reaching college ages that’s difficult to do.IMG_0078Jacob (white shorts) and a few friends.


David’s daughter Julie brought us lunch on Friday.  A nice treat following my trip to the bone doctor.  At the moment David is shopping at Whole Foods for Savoy cabbage, Sockeye Salmon, and Miso soybean paste.  My knee is better ( I can walk on it), so I’m going to do a bit of cooking.  The cabbage is for a vegetable soup and the Miso for a salmon marinade.  We may not get out tomorrow, but we will eat well.  And, I have several episodes of Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries recorded for our viewing pleasure.  I just hope the FedEx guy can get through the ice to deliver the oranges and grapefruit, fresh from sunny Florida. I hope it’s sunny.  Please tell me the sun is shining somewhere!


img200Above, my Choke Cherry Tree.  The cherries are gone now, eaten by the birds.

Young John, the gardener came over yesterday to prune rose bushes and shrubs and generally clean up before the storm.  He says he will drop by tomorrow to put ‘Snomelt’ on the walkway and driveway (safe for gardens and dogs paws).  He says he hopes to come back next weekend, weather permitting.

John just completed his certification as a Virginia horticulturist (he has a B.A, in Horticulture from West Virginia University).  Somehow, the word is out about his skills and he is getting calls from women all over Georgetown. They want him but I told him he would have to say “No” some of the time (not to me of course).  Kathy, who introduced me to both young and old John, came by walking her dog Kaylee, and caught young John out front.  She wants him to travel up to the Abbey to work on the Cloister gardens. Everybody wants John, and you would too if you knew him….

Old John, also a pal of Kathy’s, is supposed to do some work for us very soon.  He came over this past week and we walked him through the house, pointing out the things that need repair. He sent us an estimate and will call this weekend to discuss the various tasks.  The outdoor work, like repairing my garden shed roof, will have to wait until the weather is warmer.

Old John is a retired engineering contractor (worked on the space program) who formed his own handyman business when he retired.  Now he finds many repair jobs in our neighborhood of aging friends.  In his spare time he works with Habitat for Humanity, and up at the Abbey.  He is a really decent fellow.

18 thoughts on “Sunday thoughts big and little.

  1. Your grandson is a good looking kid and looks so happy and friendly. I miss mine too. Both John Sr and Jr are blessings ! Interesting the way some guys just don’t want to be retired. And a very good thing in this case!

    The sun is shining in Florida. Hope you got your citrus.


  2. I must tell you that I am really sorry about your knee. You know I understand. My DC thermometer tells me that you are at 19 degrees today. Yes, it is sunny here. Please don’t hit me. 🙂


  3. Yes the sun was shining in Florida, yesterday anyway ,in the 70’s. Today is overcast but still not too cold.I bought savoy cabbage yesterday too. My intent is to make stuffed cabbage rolls. A lot of trouble for one person but I really love them.


      • ground beef or pork with cooked rice and some of the cabbage chopped fine,also minced garlic, then cooked in tomatoes with chopped onions,when they are done I top them with pepper vinegar


    • Tablespoons each of Miso , light soy, OJ, brown sugar, orange zest make a great Marinade. I marinate over nite and broil the salmon. Serve with brown rice and green veg. Healthy, easy and attractive too. I use Splenda brown sugar mix.


  4. How wonderful that you are going to California to see your family. We lived in San Diego for many years and there are certainly aspects that I miss, but I guess I have fallen in love with Virginia and don’t feel the call too much any more, though I do love to visit. Yes, more snow on the way, oh the joy of it 😉 Glad your knee is feeling a little better today.


  5. Handsome grandson you have there. And yes, you really should come to California to visit. Maybe we could even connect while you are here. That is, if we haven’t dried up and blown away before then. Or, if your family is in southern California, they may slipped away in the mud. What a mess down there. We are starting to dry out up here in the middle of the state.


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