Bloody Friday

From a friend in Michigan.

From a friend in Michigan.

Many people of my acquaintance have more health difficulties than me.  Although I don’t feel happy when hearing of others suffering, I like the idea of sharing the load. A wise person said, when you share a problem, you cut it in half.  Sometimes talking about a health issue makes you feel better. We also keep ourselves informed via discussion.

My biggest problem is Arthritis. Sometimes I can’t sleep because the pain is so bad.  These pains are not the little achey pains we feel all our lives, these pains are caused by a disease some refer to as “age related.”

Yesterday, I saw my osteopathic surgeon about my knee (again).  He operated on my knee a few years ago when I tore the meniscus while working in my garden.  “You must have a hell of a garden,” he told me at the time.

Since then, I’ve hired a fellow to help me with the garden. John will be out here today, trimming the roses, viburnum, and other shrubs.  He said it was “too warm” last Saturday, which reminds me of the wild temperature swings we’ve had this winter.

But I’m drifting. Back to the topic of my knee.

Yesterday, when I saw my surgeon, he injected a new drug into my knee.  Cortisone shots were not helping, so he’s trying a drug called Hyaluronic acid.

Dr. M. will give me injections of this drug for three weeks. Yesterday, after he gave me the first shot and bandaged the site, he left the examining room to go to his next patient.  Suddenly, blood began spurting out of my knee, and David ran out of the room to summon help. David’s doctor, who happened to be standing in the corridor, came running, knelt before me like a suitor, and applied a gauze pad tightly to my knee until the bleeding stopped.  Then, Dr. R. applied another bandage and said, “We can’t have you going out the door dripping blood, it’s bad for business.”

PS I take a blood thinner, hence the spurting.

23 thoughts on “Bloody Friday

  1. Arthritis is creeping into the fingers of my right hand, and my grip is fading. Therapist says it is aggravated because I use right almost exclusively. Tone in my left makes it impossible right now to open my hand to grasp or release anything or to do anything with that hand requiring fine motor skills. And so it begins.

    Hope your new med provides relief with no side effects.


  2. Your Dr’s comment reminded me of a joke told to me once (by a GP) about a person collapsing at the practice door. Is he coming in or going out asked one of the partners – going out replied the receptionist. Turn him round said the Dr – looks bad for business if he’s on his way out!


  3. Wow, that was a little too exciting for me.

    Yes, the itinerary says Ft. Lauderdale two days at sea, and Aruba. You made me double check. 🙂


  4. Yeah, your doc has a great sense of humor. On Sunday, you will read my new post about David’s knee. When the orthopedist injected it with Euflexxa, something flowed out.


      • EUFLEXXA is a highly purified form of hyaluronic acid (HA). HA is a natural substance found in the synovial fluid that cushions, lubricates, and protects a healthy knee. In people with osteoarthritis of the knee, the synovial fluid becomes thinner and less able to do its job.1

        EUFLEXXA is a natural, non-bird-derived HA similar to the HA found in healthy knees. When injected into the knee, it helps replenish the HA and restore the functioning of the synovial fluid.1,2

        EUFLEXXA is designed to help patients who are not getting enough relief from nonprescription pain relievers or from exercise and physical therapy.


      • The link in my post says much the same thing about the med my doctor used. Apparently, there are different substances with similar name. My doc uses the generic term, and the med he used is not derived from cock’s comb, but a synthetic synovial fluid from the lab.


  5. At least your doc has a sense of humor….blood thinners can be a problem..for sure. Bill had to wait for an unscheduled surgical procedure a couple of years ago .. A sort of emergency .. until they were out of his system. Hope your knee is better.


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