Snow Falling on Eastern Cedar

IMG_0174The good news is that the endodontist did not perform a root canal yesterday.  Instead he found another cavity.  At least I thought it was good news, until he rubbed his hands together and said, “You may be back in a week or so.” Actually, he didn’t rub his hand together but he had a big smile.  He and I have done business before, and he knows a good customer when he sees her.

So I made another appointment with my primary dentist and will have two cavities addressed next Tuesday, with a third to follow the week after…perhaps.  I have no feeling in tooth number #3 because Dr. Way did a root canal four years ago.  Darn, has it been four years?



After the visit to Dr Way, we stopped at Cafe Tatti, our favorite French Bistro, for lunch where I threw caution to the wind and along with my onion soup and salad nicoise, I had two glasses of a rose Zinfandel, my favorite white wine. David does not drink…ever.  The waiter asked him if he was the designated driver.  I don’t drink often, those were the first glasses of wine I had in over two years.  I know how long it was because I have been tracking my food via Weight Watchers for two years and never had to calculate wine before.  Surprisingly, it is only a couple of points.

In a warm relaxed mood from the lovely food, we drove home through our latest snow shower, and I caught a few shots from the car window while fellow drivers blew their horns furiously.  Sometimes you need to pause and appreciate the view outside your window, and I was in an appreciative mood.  Fortunately, the designated driver was too.

21 thoughts on “Snow Falling on Eastern Cedar

  1. Rain here. I have these fear attacks about driving in the rain since a horrfying accident many years ago, But I have to go out this morning. Lost some weight yesterday at weigh in even tho I had two Oreo’s. Silly me.


  2. Each time I hear you mention it (them) the thought goes through my mind – I must get out all my WW books and information. There are a few kilos that have come back home again – lots of travelling over the past 18 months and not being responsible for the cooking – just the eating and not making the correct choices – means I have to knuckle under again and send them packing with the message never to return lol
    I suppose first step is to clear out the food cupboard and survey the freezer. WW uses a new system here called. Pro points – is that similar to what you are using ?
    You have my sympathy as far as the Dentist is concerned – not my favourite professional health care provider!
    Take care


    • WW becomes a way of life if you want it to work. I lost weight when I was younger, then returned to bad habits and gained it back. This time around I lost 25 pounds and plateaued. Following the hip replacement surgery (since before Christmas), I have stayed near the same weight (-25) but once again I am losing a pound per week. Patience, persistence and a burning desire make all the difference. Points yes..much easier to do!


  3. I liked the photos Dianne, and the bistro does look lovely. Sorry about the tooth problems. I will be going to get mine taken care of soon. Not looking forward to it but there you go. I’m sorry you had trouble leaving a comment earlier. I remember publishing yours but not sure if that latest one was the one I published. I have occasionally accidentally deleted one by mistake, brain being too fast for fingers!


  4. Delighted to learn that a couple of glasses of wine only count as a few points. If this were not true, I’d be in more expanding waistline trouble than I already am. Nice to read about your nice day.


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