Totally Apt

IMG_0060As I continue to play with my new Apple toys, I discover something new every day. Today its an APP to help me identify backyard birds.  I know many of them already, having been a twitcher since I was a kid, however, my APP has beautiful illustrations and makes bird sounds too.  I played some of the sounds this morning and my parrots listened intently.

Soon, I will have parrots descended from Brazilian ancestors sounding like house wrens.  Believe me, wrens sound much better.  One of my parrots still makes the whiny noises Clare made when we left her in her crate while we were at work.


We’re approaching the 60s here today, and tomorrow promises to be beautiful too.  The middle of the week looks messy, says our local weather guy.  Oh great a root canal and winter sheet to look forward to on Tuesday.  Meanwhile, living in the present moment, I am looking forward to the Valentine Party at Kathy’s this afternoon.  The Benedictine Brothers, or “boys” as Kathy calls them will be here from the Abbey too.

Meanwhile, David is at the grocery store gathering supplies and I’m eating an apple.  Got to do something healthy today.  Johnny and I absorbed our five minutes of sun earlier.  Otherwise, I spent most of the morning on my Kindle or iPad, drinking coffee and eating my daily chocolate.

Then the old Protestant ethic kicked in and I felt guilty as David buzzed around filling bird feeders and managing dogs. I got the Protestant ethic from my Mom, who was a Dutch Reformed Protestant.  She agreed to raise me Catholic when she married my Dad, but she always was a protestant of sorts.


I began studying history because I wanted to better understand the world my ancestors inhabited.  That and the fact I have always loved history.  I’ve realized as I learned more about Europe in the nineteenth century, that my ancestors from Poland left what was Prussia at the time of their departure in 1866. Poland was non-existent, or as some wag wrote, “an underground conspiracy.”  Yet great-grandmother said she was Polish.

Her family migrated to Green Bay Wisconsin when she was six years old, where some of her family still live. Her son Herbert (my dad’s childhood hero) grew up to take part in WWI.  He then came home and played for a football team .  You can find his photo in the Green Bay Packer Hall of Fame.

18 thoughts on “Totally Apt

  1. Your app to identify birds sounds fabulous. Then again, I mostly see mynahs, pigeons, Java finches, mourning doves and bulbuls over here.

    Aren’t they saying that coffee and chocolate are good for you now? I’m all for it. Granted AARP says you need three cups of coffee to keep dementia at bay, I believe.


  2. Don’t let the guilt get to you. More snow is on your way. Here we are nearing the 60’s too. The fog is burning off, and I am in bed with our unwieldy laptop and CBS Sunday morning. No guilt here.


  3. The app sounds wonderful Dianne. What is its name? I looked at the apps and there were several. I wasn’t sure which one to get. The cartoon was very cute and yes I am craving chocolate. I have none but do have hot chocolate. That will do!


  4. I’m entranced with the thought of your parrots sounding like wild birds. I need that APp…have never been good at birdsong identification…or really any sounds, come to think of it. I’m more a visual/word person I guess. You’re not wasting time when you’re playing with your new ‘toys’… you are learning something new.


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