Checkup and repair


Moth Orchid

Moth Orchid

We spent the better part of the past two days involved in checkups and repair. Maintenance stuff.

David’s physical therapist gave him the once over following the fall he took Monday morning.  I have strongly suggested to David he is not to step off the porch before he’s had his morning coffee and daylight has safely arrived.  But I was trying to protect Johnny from the foxes, says he. (Kathy spotted a couple of foxes a few weeks back, so this could be an issue.)

The therapist proclaimed David sound despite his tumble. Falling is a leading cause of death among seniors, not directly because of a fall, but because of the complications following a fall. Heck, a youngster can take a tumble that kills.  A 40-year old in my former office fell off a step-ladder and broke his leg.  He then developed a clot that went to his heart and killed him.  So be careful on ladders.


I saw my ophthalmologist this morning for my six months checkup following cataract surgery (both eyes), and he pronounced me A-OK.  He mentioned that I have several small tumors on my eye lids and asked if my dermatologist had seen them. I assured him she had after he asked if I had experienced skin cancer.  Three times, I told him. Good grief, who knew those little bumps barely visible to the naked eye could cause trouble?

Dr. G asked if I had any questions and I said, “How do you grow orchids?”  He then took me to his office down the hall and showed me his plants and explained a few pointers. Pretty soon the doc’s assistant came looking for him as he left a patient in another examining room.  Enlightened, I came home and told my orchids they will be okay, cause I talked to an expert.

Mini Moth Orchid

Mini Moth Orchid

28 thoughts on “Checkup and repair

  1. Thank goodness David is all right. What a terrible scare. It’s making me nervous just thinking about it since I have two left feet and am often stumbling. Your orchids must all love you. They are beautiful. Your ophthalmologist sounds like a caring, kind professional. I hope your little bumps are OK.


  2. Harare, is the capital of Zimbabwe. Glad there were no serious injuries for David after the fall.

    I like those orchids, maybe I should buy a pot and how I get on. I am no good with cut flowers and the only plant, so far, to like my house is a poinsettia. Elly bought me one in mid December and it is still going strong.


  3. You are simply marvelous. Tell David to take the dog out on a leash if he hasn’t had his coffee. No, I don’t know that capital of Zimbabwe, but Google will. 🙂


  4. Good warning about the falling … which is why I no longer go skiing despite all the pleas from my family to come out with them to have some winter fun. Funny abt. the orchids. Did Medicare pay for that consultation?!?


  5. What a funny post and funny comments, too. I inherited 2 tables worth of orchids from the previous owner of our house and managed to kill them all. I just don’t get along with orchids, I guess. Glad David and you are reasonably well. Can’t ask for more.


  6. Would loved to be a fly on the wall when you ‘strongly advised’ David not to do something lol
    The Golfers flippant remark to me if I trip is ‘put more water with it next time’ – shows concern but no overdoing it lol
    Obviously the warmth and lighting is just right in your home for the orchids to grow so well – do you have any in an outdoors greenhouse/conservatory? Orchid growing also seems to be a hobby of the slightly older population, huge competition at the annual gardening club shows here.


  7. Sorry to hear about David’s fall but happy it all turned out okay. We have had our experience with falls in this family. My 93 year old father-in-law two years ago broke his thigh bone climbing the loft ladder but healed well thankfully. The daughter-in-law of a good friend fell off a ladder six months ago and fractured her skull. She is still having serious problems. So, yes, be careful if you suddenly decide to climb a ladder. I’m so klutzy I just don’t. How very nice that you can get advice on growing orchids from your doctor.


  8. When I had cancer I used to talk to my oncologist about gardening. She was a farmer’s wife as well as a cancer specialist and surgeon and had very rough hands. But no doctor has ever talked to me about flowers. Lucky you. I love orchids and frequently buy some – they sell them in the supermarkets too -. They last for months and I have managed to make them flower twice so far. I shall get another one at the weekend. But I have no idea how to grow them myself.

    Glad to see that David took no harm from the fall.


  9. Glad to hear David survived none the worse for wear.

    I laughed at the question you asked your doctor. I have a thing that I have done for years that drives Patty to distraction. In a situation like that, if they leave it open with “do you have any questions?”…rather than “any questions about the exam?”…I always say..”yes I do, what’s the Capital of Zimbabwe?” It draws groans and I am know in medical circles as the patient from Hell, but what the heck……good to be know for something, right?


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