S’no friend like an old friend

img067 copyI have to laugh at my daughter.  She’s lost 25 pounds in recent months and she says its because she stopped cooking.  Her husband likes the new woman, so she told him he had a choice, “I can cook or you can have a thinner wife.” Bill can cook, and so can Connie’s 21 year old daughter, who lives with her mom and dad, and so can her live-in boyfriend.  In other words, there are four adults, who can cook.  Everyone works outside the home, as does Connie, so it seems fair others help with cooking.

Connie says she is not going to become the family “caretaker.”  Her dad expected her to move nearer to him and become his caretaker, just as his sister had become his parents’ caretaker.  Women as the family caretakers have been a tradition for millennia.  I maintain two long-term health care plans and David one, because we don’t expect our daughters to become our caretakers.


Despite the media hype, The Great Storm of 2014 here in Arlington is the big dump and a much less a serious storm than predicted by the national weather hypesters.  David and I cleared the paths around our house this morning… moving snow made heavy because its melting like crazy.  John is coming by shortly to do some more clearing. David and I did the important things first, such as clearing a path to the bird feeders.

Although the true Northeast seems to be a bit under the weather, the part of DC where we live is a southern place, at a latitude (forty-second parallel) with Barcelona, Rome and the south coast of the Black Sea, which Russians use as a resort. We do not have the extremes of hot or cold weather, although the outer suburbs do. This winter has been messier than usual, but my cousins in Chicago and Wisconsin would laugh at what we call winter.


I am enjoying the MacMillan book I mentioned yesterday. Who knew the German Kaiser held Queen Victoria for two and one-half hours while she lay dying?  He was her grandson, Willy, and he loved her and she loved him.  The book is loaded with personal anecdotes about the characters involved in the events leading to the Great War.  They were all mere mortals with too much power it seems.

I am a historian, so I love histories…especially those well written and loaded with information (some but not all the details of the period). Not every historian has the gift of being a good communicator.  Like Doris Kearns Goodwin, MacMillan does.


Note the photo of the Cutty Sark above?  The photo is a  former slide I scanned with my Epson and turned into a photo. I copied it to a flash drive a couple of years ago.  Today, using my Mac, I did a “screen shot,” i.e., photographed the photograph. Ii took several tries, but I managed to clean it up so that only the photo shows.  I learn something new every day with this toy.

Back to my book and a hot cup of cocoa or tea in honor of the Cutty Sark which hauled tea from the far east in the nineteenth century.

13 thoughts on “S’no friend like an old friend

  1. I told G to jam me in a nursing home and bring me dinners and a computer. 🙂

    I love the Cutty Sark: Wikipedia has a pretty good article on the ship and fire. With pictures. Not only architecture of the Third Reich, but ships and art. My brain is a mess. LOL I learned all this stuff before the stroke and after 45 years old.


  2. Your thinking ahead on the caregiver issue makes me realize a discussion with dear hubby is long overdue. I admire your foresight and attention to critical details before the lack of attention to them precipitates a crisis.


  3. I don’t think you will ever have dementia, as you are constantly learning new things via books and technology. Shoveling snow is something I would refrain from doing. I am not a masochist. Call John, I’d say.


  4. Lovely picture of the Cutty Sark and very interesting history about the Kaiser and his grandmother Queen Victoria. I love learning about these people. We have had a foot of snow here and Gregg is shoveling the driveway for the third time. My sister and her husband used to live in Norway so I wouldn’t bemoan too much our few inches to them. Everyone in Norway it seemed as do the people further north make the most of it. I do, however, understand the snowbird phenomena. We met a lot of northerners on our trip to Florida recently.


  5. Glad you are successfully enjoying the computer setup. Also, glad to hear the snow is not too bad….my daughter and oldest granddaughter are coming up from Charlottesville by train tomorrow to attend a conference.

    As for the picture, my Cutty Sark is not as elegant, but it tastes pretty good.


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